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A set of lore-friendly, balanced backpacks, featuring improved \"bag of fur\" models with tumbajamba\'s special touch. 6 different versions to match with the Sabre Cat Gear Mod Pack.

Permissions and credits
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>>> SABRE CAT GEAR Bag-Pack Add-on!
---> presented by DVAted ---

With the assistance of pro-modellers and modders:
OG-Jay / TreasureChest & tumbajamba



This mod add-on aims to improve on TreasureChest's Fur Bag in the style of the Sabre Cat Gear Mod Pack and Sabre Cat Gear Ancient Nord Armor Variations add-on

With new textures created by DVAted, and new bag-accessories added in by TumbaJamba, we aimed to integrate more practical and lore-friendly models that will help you carry more stuff around.

Just like the Bag of Fur mod, each bag-pack has an enchantment to fortify carry weight (FCW) which adds to your carrying capacity.

In an alternative .esp there are also Non-Enchanted versions (NE) which have no effect attached to them, but you can enchant them yourself at the enchanting table.

They can be crafted at the forge under the Hide section.
They do not add to armor ratings and therefore cannot be improved.
However, they use a free body slot so you don't have to replace anything and they work with all armors.

They have a custom world object with its own collision box so that they can be dropped on the ground or previewed in the inventory. The glass bottles are 20% transparent.

They are textured (by DVAted) to match with the Sabre Cat Gear Mod Pack, but you can use them with any other armor you see fit.

They come in two weight versions with differing models
- Light - Traveler (FCW +50)

- Heavy - Survivor (FCW +100)

Each with the 3 fur-colors, though unlike the Sabre Cat armor, these bags require bear pelts:
1. Normal (brown/orange - for the woods huntsman - requires Bear Pelt)
2. Snow (white - for the polar players - requires Snow Bear Pelt)
3. Puma (black - for friends of the shadows - requires Cave Bear Pelt)

Other ingredients include such items as horse hide, goat hide, leather, leather strips and even torch and woodcutter's axe for the heavy version.

That's pretty much it!

We hope you enjoy your new custom backpack in your travels!


Update History:
- NEW! v.2.0 - by popular demand:
> set the backpack on body-slot 47 for better compatibility with other mods
> replaced the steel war-axe with a woodcutter's axe on the equiped and world model
> replaced deer hide ingredient with horse hide to avoid elk/moose/stag confusions
> renamed the black backpack from Puma to Black (since Puma's are not black)

- v.1.0a - fixed blue glow thanks to Nivea
- v.1.0 - Initial Release

Requirements and Conflicts: None anymore. Feel free to report and post suggestions. If you don't like something, please provide constructive criticism. If you don't like anything, please keep your thoughts to yourself.

Bugs Reported so far
- Purple glow? FIXED! thanks to Nivea.
- Steel War-Axe doesn't get recognized in the forge? FIXED! You don't need it anymore. The new release uses the woodcutter's axe! GO OUT THERE AND CHOP WOOD!
- Deer Hide doesn't get recognized by the forge? FIXED! You don't need it anymore. Replaced it with Horse Hide. Can't find horse hide anywhere? You haven't looked hard enough. They can be found at almost all general goods merchants, traders and vendors, especially the Khajiit caravans. Also dead horses can be found near giant camps (or on their barbecues) and you can loot them.

Do not upload this mod anywhere without specific permission from the authors. Do not post mediafire links on youtube videos! However, you may instead post direct links to the mod's release page.

This mod has been uploaded on Steam Workshop by TumbaJamba (uCTo4HuK 3aPa3bl).
and by TreasureChest here.

Do not use assets of this mod in your own project or release without giving credit to us. We may be very inclined to provide permission if we consider your plans worthy, so please ask us first. In any event, due credit for this mod should be considered holy. We've only worked at it, blood, sweat and tears, literally FOR MONTHS. Thank you ^_^

Translation releases which include just the .esp are welcomed and encouraged.
Spanish Translation by d2vid/d2web
Deutsch Translation by Gin14x12
Czech Translation by Azarian
French Translation by Synaak
Japanese = by hydragoon

TreasureChest/OG-Jay - base bag and wine-skin model, adding the horse hide, necklace and woodcutter's axe elements. also for most textures and for

initial nexus release.
tumbajamba - for adding the torch, bottles and steel war-axe, and for Steam release
DVAted - for .esp, fur textures and readme. also for mod-team management
Targaryen - rigging help and general support
Nivea - for the purple glow fix

Read the ReadMe .txt file for more information!