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Package of new recipes for the cooking menu, buff foods, no salt recipes Produce sugar and flour to use in new recipes Great alternative to using alchemy for non-magic characters

Permissions and credits
As many of you may have figured out by my lack of replies and updates, I stopped working on this mod, and modding in general, a while ago. I was very excited and active in Skyrim for a couple months after release, and burned out fast.
I hereby release the resources of this mod to be incorporated into other mods. Compatibility patches, rebalancing, and recycling of the recipe ideas and graphical resources are all free game. All I ask is that you include me in the credits.

Adds several new foods and cooking recipes for creating new and existing foods
* 80+ new recipes
* 60+ new items
* 6 separate .esp files to customize your experience
* Refine sugar from honey
* Grind wheat into flour
* More powerful restore health, stamina, and magicka foods
* Foods with hour long buffs for skills and regeneration
* Foods for short term buffs so Non-Alchemists are no longer so dependent on potions
* New textures for items
* Cannibal recipes
* Modifies original recipes to no longer need salt (NoSaltRecipes.esp)

** Thanks to Viktor Leguman (worms577) for providing a French translation
** Thanks to Crivil for providing a Spanish translation
** Thanks to Utherien for providing a Russian translation
** Thanks to Aohige for providing a Japanese translation

Simple Recipes
* Baked Potato
* Black Briar Reserve
* Grilled Leeks
* Honey
* Juniper Mead
* Cut Goat Cheese Wheel Into Slices
* Cut Eidar Cheese Wheel Into Slices

Cutting cheese recipes only appear if the player has the item in his inventory
Juniper mead only appears if the player has juniper berries in his inventory

Buff Recipes
* Sauteed Amanita (2H Weapons)
* Fish Head Soup (Restoration)
* Poached Warbler Egg (1H Weapons)
* Elf Salad (Marksman)
* Baked Skeever (Light Armor)
* Grilled White Cap (Heavy Armor)
* Chopped Mushrooms (Destruction)
* Mana Biscuit (Conjuration)
* Stuffed Crowns (Block)
* Sushi (Alteration)
* Marinated Pholiota (Illusion)
* Mushroom Kabob (Lockpick)
* Riverbottom Rum (Pickpocket)
* Blackened Blisterwort (Smithing)
* Fish Sticks (Sneak)
* Field Salad (Speechcraft)
* Snowberry Jelly (Enchanting)
* Egg White Omelette (Invisibility)
* Giant Toe Jam (Carry Capacity)
* Draugr Porridge (1H Weapons, Stamina Regen)
* Chili Con Vex (Lockpicking, Pickpocket, and Sneak)
* Mushroom Soup (Illusion, Conjuration, Majicka Regen)
* Hagraven Stew (Destruction, Majicka Regen)
* Ysgramor's Feast (2H Weapons, Stamina Regen)
* Cooked Carrots (Enhanced Vision)
* Caviar (Water Breathing)
* Black Sacrament (Sneak, 1H Weapons, Marksman)(Cannibal)

Fortify skill recipes only appear when a player has spent one perk point in that skill's tree

Intermediate Recipes
* Tomato Juice (Restore Magicka)
* Mashed Potatoes (Restore Health)
* Beef, Horker and Venison Jerky (Restore Health)
* Apple Cider (Restore Magicka)
* Cheesy Bread (Restore Health)
* Lavender Goat (Restore Health And Stamina)
* Human Stew (Restore and Regen Health And Stamina)(Cannibal)
* Roasted Human Heart (Restore and Regen Health And Stamina)(Cannibal)
* Stuffed Human Skull (Restore and Regen Health And Stamina)(Cannibal)
* Clam Chowder (Restore Health, Magicka, and Stamina)

Advanced Recipes
* Flour
* Sugar
* Fried Salmon (Restore Health)
* Eidar Noodles (Restore Health)
* Spaghetti (Restore Health)
* Sugar Cookie (Restore Stamina and Magicka)
* Bread (original bread loaf)
* Blue Mountain Flower Candy (Fortify and Regen Health)
* Red Mountain Flower Candy (Fortify and Regen Magicka)
* Purple Mountain Flower Candy (Fortify and Regen Stamina)
* Red Apple Pie (Restore Health)
* Green Apple Pie (Restore Stamina)
* Candied Falmer Ear (Regen Health, Magicka, and Stamina)(Cannibal)
* Chicken Noodle Soup (Restore Magicka and Stamina)
* Pheasant Stew (Regen Magicka and Stamina)
* Rabbit Stew (Regen Health)
* Minestrone (Restore Health)
* Tortilla
* Grilled Chicken Wrap (Restore Stamina)
* Veggie Wrap (Fortify Stamina)
* Salmon Wrap (Regen Stamina)
* Two Cheese Quesadilla (Restore Health)
* Venison Quesadilla (Fortify Health)
* Horker Quesadilla (Regen Health)
* Cotton Candy (Restore Magicka)
* Potage le Magnifique (Regen Health and Stamina)
* Sunlight Souffle (Regen Health and Magicka)

These recipes require multiple crafting steps, such as creating sugar and flour

**Cannibal Recipes have the same quest requirement as feeding on corpses. For spoiler, see CannibalSpoilerReadMe.txt

Also Included is CraftingRecipes.esp (for the Smelter and Tanning Rack)
* Deer Pelt -> Leather
* Dwemer lever, cog, gear -> Dwarven Ingot
* Skull, troll skull -> Bone Meal
* Skeever tail -> Charred Skeever

Warning! For users upgrading from 3.0 or earlier to 4.0 or later, any new food items will be lost when disabling the old .esps to enable the new ones. Please see instructions in the readme if you want to replace your items after the transition. I apologize for breaking the mod on this update and hope to not do that to you again.