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Added: 25/03/2012 - 05:09PM
Updated: 06/12/2012 - 03:49PM

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Last updated at 15:49, 6 Dec 2012 Uploaded at 17:09, 25 Mar 2012


This mod adds 2 Black Sting swords, 2 Black Sting Daggers, and 1 Black Sting Greatsword to Skyrim. They can be found very near to the shadow stone (one of the standing stones), along with a book which explains a little bit about how they got where they are. The daggers and greatsword are located in the Black Sting Sanctum, which is accessed through a trap door near the shadow stone. The Shadow standing stone is south and slightly west of Riften. See the images in the images tab for a visual.

These weapons can be upgraded with 1 ebony ingot (each) at a grindstone.

Maual Installation:

1. Download and extract the rar archive (file you just downloaded).
2. Navigate into the Data folder of your chosen package (in the newly extracted folder).
3. **before reading this step, know that you should not be asked to replace any files
upon first time installation. You should be asked to merge folders, which is fine. If
you are updating to a newer version you may be asked to replace files, which is fine in
that case.**
Copy or move all folders and files in that folder(data) into the Skyrim data folder.
Skyrim's data folder is usually located in your skyrim steamapps folder
( The file path is usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data )
4. Start the Skyrim launcher and select Data Files
5. Now check the box beside ISDBlackSting and press ok.
6. The mod is now ready to go. You can start skyrim and go retrieve your weapons.

Endorsements are appreciated
Screenshots were taken with ENB shaders in use
Technical issues and suggested improvements should be written in the comments

Change log:

- fixed the delay/pause upon equipping any of the weapons included in this mod
- added the ability for blood splatters to dynamically stain the blade in combat (same as other Skyrim weapons)
- added daggers, a greatsword, and scabbards
- added Black Sting Sanctum (for whatever reason followers won't follow you in here)
- fixed a bug in the specular map which caused the blade to be shiny in areas it should not have been
- edited the included book to fix errors
- changed a setting to allow companions to wield the weapons, but, be warned, NPCs can now pick up the weapons if they are dropped (just like most other weapons in Skyrim).
- combined UV's to fit on a single texture set.
- added 1k x 1k texture option