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GAME OF THRONES - House shields (by P3dr0)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As I'm creating my company and tend to lack of personnal time, I won't be working on my mods anymore. Anyhow that doesn't mean I won't be looking at my inbox on this website.
If you want to use my mod as a ressource please send me a message for me to grant you the authorisation to do so.. In some way it will help me to track the use of my mod and maybe offer some help if I return some day.


Adds Game of Thrones House shields to skyrim.
Custom HD textures applied to bethesda's guard shield model.

Available in both LIGHT and HEAVY armor, these shields share stats with regular guard shields.
They can be crafted and tempered at any forge under the steel section with simple components (steel, iron and leather strips).
Requires the Steelsmithing perk.

Includes the following houses :
# Arryn (2 versions)
# Baratheon
# Bolton
# Brune
# Clegane
# Dondarrion
# Dustin
# Frey
# Gardner
# Glover
# Greyjoy
# Hunter
# Karstark
# Lannister
# Mallister
# Martell
# Mormont
# Reed
# Stark (2 versions)
# Tallhart
# Targaryen
# Tully (2 versions)
# Tyrell


06/01/12 - Bug fix : The grey version of the House Stark heavy shield can now be tempered.

03/30/12 :
- HEAVY shields now available, added the "(Heavy)" suffix to shield names
- Added the following house shields : Bolton, Dondarrion, Dustin, Frey, Gardner, Glove, Karstark, Reed, Tallhart
- Reduced mod size from 142Mo to 42Mo using BSA compression

03/26/12 :
- Added the following house shields : Arryn (Alt version), Brune, Hunter, Martell, Tully (Alt version), Tyrell
- Modified names to get them better sorted at the forge


# Bethesda - Skyrim and it's assets
# George R.R. Martin - author of the wonderful fantasy series, A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE.
# David Benioff, D. B. Weiss and HBO - for creating and producing the fantastic television serie after George R.R. Martin books

Feel free to give me feedback either on the mod or on the description (as I'm french!)
Please rate this mod if you use it :)