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Added: 23/03/2012 - 08:23PM
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Last updated at 13:28, 13 Jun 2014 Uploaded at 20:23, 23 Mar 2012

Just a Simple little addon that places a new race called The Gifted for you to play as in Skyrim.

The Gifted are a race of half Man half Mer that, due to their unsual pairing, have developed a deep ethereal hatred that manifests as rage abilities.

This simple mod won't completely change your skyrim experience but it should spice it up a little for those of you that are a little bored of the original races, without being too over powered.

Features include:

Gifted Rage - your strength and resistance increases as your rage takes over!!
(Similar to orc berserker rage)

Hate Venting - Spread your hate to everything around you through the medium of FIRE!! (Acts as a low powered fire wall) *might still be a little over powered - will probably update*

Flex of Anger - A bolt of lightning doing damage and sending your foes crazy with rage!! (Combines a low powered lightning bolt with a fury spell) - also staggers the target allowing you to move in a finish them off, or run like a coward :)

Pure Hate - Your hatred fuel's you giving you 50 points increased stamina
(Constant power fortifying Stamina 50 points)

Heavy Armor + 10
Destruction + 10
Enchanting, one-handed, restoration, smithing + 5

Both directional powers have been given the illusion hand art as i always thought this looked as if it should have been used for an offensive ability - and both can only be used in the left hand because they are intended to compliment one-handed attacks.
All powers have been done from scratch, there are NO REPLACER'S so no original powers have been change meaning it should be compatible with just about anything and you can still have all the other powers/spell as before.
I've taken care not to impact or change any other powers/races/abilities during the making of this file but please let me know if you find anything.

This is my first attempt at a new race and i was a little unsure how to change the body/head visual's so if you have any tip's let me know.
If someone could do some pic's of the powers in use it would be great (i'm rubbish at it).

Just drop the esp. into your skyrim data folder as usual or use the nexus managerr.

Thanks - GreenSmirf.

#Edit this file as you see fit, but please give some credit out if you re-post the file - and let me know so i can check out your good work.