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Dragon Swarms v5 - Teaming up

---- Mighty Dragons 3.7a is out: The compatibility version of DS is up now :) ----

This is a modification to the dragon wilderness encounter which spawns additional dragons based on the player lvl.

German description, english continues below:
[Dies ist eine Modifikation des Wildnis-Drachen-Überfalls. Basierend auf dem Spielerlevel werden zusätzliche Drachen generiert. Version 5 basiert auf Mighty Dragons 3.5a: Es werden Teams aus den Drachen dieses Mods gebildet, die gut aufeinander abgestimmt sind, je nach Spielerlevel können 2 bis 4 Drachen spawnen. Neu ist auch ein Event in dem 2, später 4 Drachen sich gegenseitig bekämpfen. Außerdem gibt es nun einen Schrein in Weißlauf, an dem man die generelle Wahrscheinlichkeit für Drachenagriffe festlegen kann.

(Die Debugmessage vom Script ins deutsche zu bringen war relativ einfach, allerdings scheitere ich daran, den Auswahlbildschirm/Objektnamen zu ändern. Wenn jemand weis wie das geht, bitte melden. - Hab ganz tief in die Trickkiste gegriffen: Da ich den Schrein aus der englischen Version nicht überschreiben konnte, habe ich eine Kiste drüber gestellt und den deutschen Schrein da rauf gepackt. ;) Bessere Ideen willkommen)

Des weiteren gibt es nun ein remake einer alten Version: v2.3. Dies ist eine schmale Version des mods, für Nutzer von Deadly Dragons/Dragons Diversified oder ähnlichen mods, die ohne Mighty Dragons auskommt. Hier wurde lediglich das Vanillaevent modifiziert, damit bis zu 4 Drachen spawnen. Außerdem wurde der neue Zufallsgenerator für die Angriffswahrscherinlichkeit eingefügt.]

Before i start the description, i want to thank alot of people, who helped Dragon Swarms on the long long way to become a real mod:
Is this display name taken?, who allowed to use his genius idea of a real random trigger.
Erkeil, who made the stunning Mighty Dragons 3, which is in fact the base of this mod now and he also did a special "Soft Slighty Edition", just for me :).
kaintfm for sharing some of his pretty cool videos.
spanian77, DrAg0nCrY and all the other people who reported bugs, inquired customisations and gave feedback.

Without you, this mod wouldn't exist in the way it does now!

The new version comes in a all-in-one package:
Take just one bas and esp-file with the same difficulty-tag . Copy both files into your ..\Skyrim\Data-directory.
Delete both files to get rid of the mod.

For clean delete of the old-versions files, theres a Readme in the zip-file.

The new optional package come with it's own readme: Read it, alot of changes concerning installation.

Load Order A:
- Dragon Swarms (v2.3 / v3.2 / v4 / v4.1 insane / v5.1 / v5.1a)
- Dragons Diversified
- Deadly Dragons
- Mighty Dragons
- MD - compatible with Deadly Dragons and-or Dragons Diversified patch BETA

Load Order B:
- Dragon Swarms (v2.3 / v3.2 / v4 / v4.1 insane / v5.1 / v5.1a)
- Resilient Dragons

For a description of the older versions, check "Miscellaneous" in the download area.

This version is a merge of the previous 3.2 and 4.0/1. The idea was, to make the random encounters much more intresting, by creating teams of well-fitting dragons from Mighty Dragons 3.5a (it also works with MD3.7a, but you will miss some of the dragons in it). So there is for example a group of an Ai'Mul'Grah, a Strun'Qo'Kendov, a Drog'Joor'aus and a Vokul'Fass'Zii, which should be pretty hard for a mage. You can use this mod without Mighty Dragons 3, but it would eliminate the intended immersion. Erkeil also made a version with his dragons near vanilla-strength. With the new random-system from SKREEE - Less Frequent Dragons, the spawnchances are finally what they are supposed to be: Random.

Now shortly the new features:
- 13 different groups of dragons
- each group contains 2 to 4 dragons
- 3 versions: easy - normal - insane
- new random condition for one of the events to happen
- one completely new event: Dragon vs Dragon (this can also come as a standalone by request)
- easy mode: one event at a time, 10% encounterchance, new events @ lvl 25, 33, 42 and 51
-> especially for this mode, Erkeil made a new "soft"-version of Mighty Dragons 3.5!
- normal mode: one event at a time, 20% encounterchance, new events @ lvl 18, 27, 36 and 45
- insane mode: two events at a time, 40% encounterchance, new events @ lvl 14, 23, 32 and 41

new v5.1-features:
- You can now decide what random-chance to use. You find a shrine on the left side of Dragonsreach: Activate it and set your value. (in the zip-file there are two screenshots pointing at the exact spot) You get the same result by consoling "set dsrandompercent to xx" (or just take "getglobalvalue dsrandompercent" to check).

included features from older versions:
- encounters are level-based
- extended leveled character lists: more than 20 dragons of each type are available to kill before a respawn is needed
- added the permission for dragon encounters to happen together with other random encounters
- removed vanilla-cap: You are able to kill more dragons than the amount of days you have spend in the game (replaced with the random-based condition)

Notes on Dragon vs Dragon:


Dragon Swarms 5.1a for Mighty Dragons 3.7a
This is an adaptive version which can't live without Mighty Dragons v3.7a anymore. The package includes all needed esp's and is uploaded on this page as well as on the Mighty Dragons page.
There are no changes to the v5.1-features. All changes are internal to make both mods compatible.
Read the included Readme for further details.

v2.3 - slim
Remake of the v2 of the mod, without all the nasty glitches.
- no leveled lists
- no shrine
- no addtional events
- changed the vanilla event to spawn max 3 optional dragons at level 20/40/60
- replaced GameDaysPassed-Condition with GetRandomPercent <= DSRandompercent. Its 20% per default. To change it, open the console (^) and enter: "set dsrandompercent to xx", where xx is the desired value.

It's meant as a compatibility version for user of Dragons Diversified by LoginToDownload and Deadly Dragons by 3JIou.


Coming on request:
- Dragon vs Dragon - event standalone as replacer for Dragon fly by



Just found this nice mod here, and as it has been a request once to determine how often the spawns appear, i wanna share and recommend its usage:
SKREEE - Less Frequent Dragons by Is This Display Name Taken

I created this mod in the first place to have better benefit from:
Spend Dragon Souls For Perks by DarkSeraphim85 (Gibts es auch auf Deutsch von heuseman)

other fitting mods:
Everyone Get Inside - Dragon Attack - Beta by MGoods
Colorful Dragons 3 HD by Luddemann. In MD3 there are some new textures from Luddemann available, so you won't need these.
Dragonlings - Baby dragon inclusion by flynnmichael81

blstrdbstrd suggested to use
Resilient Dragons by Kenomica
Dragon Drop Reduced Weight by G-Phoenix

Highly recommended with v5.1: Mighty Dragons 3 by Erkeil.


Known issues:

If u experience no dragons spawning at all anymore, first check the following globals via console (^):
GetGlobalValue DragonsReturned (should be 1)
GetGlobalValue MQ106TurnOffRandomDragons (should be 0)

Epic slowmotion fly-by. Sometimes it can happen that the flying speed of a dragon drops down to NPC-walking speed. As far as i know, nothing in my mod should affect the movement anyhow.
Just mentioning it here, cause it got reported with "dragonrend" as possible trigger. I saw it myself after i accidently pierced a (frost)-blooddragon with a couple of ice-lances.
-> Checked it on google. Its a seldom bug, known since December at least. Yeah, sorta my fault, cause by adding more dragons, you will see the common dragon bugs more often :P

It can happen, that when first using v3 on a higher lvl, u run into a large group of dragons. This is, cause none of the events has to complete its cooldown before it has been activated once. U can choose between fight or flight, the swarm shouldn't be to eager to kill you. Be warned: When loading your savegame after installation, it's not a good idea to quicktravel to a populated open area like winterhold. Many (probably important) NPC's could die if u do so.
Similar for v4: On first load, the events will happen in a row, than they'll follow their timers.

Dragons who r not killed in battle have a script which tells them to fly home to "SkuldafnTopMarker". I suppose it is meant that they get despawned in that place. Anyway it can happen that they don't despawn and circle the sky there for all eternity. In this case, they block an actor on the leveled dragon list and they block the event from happening again, as it only completes if all loaded actors r unloaded. U should take a look there once in a while u get the feeling the event could be blocked, the location is found in the forth screenshot. Be careful as there is a trigger for the random encounter nearby, i once ended up facing 8 dragons there , a wispmother, a sabertooth and a bandit were also drawn into the battle so "this is where the fun begins". good thing is: I found dragons there on only one of my chars and only once in his 42 levels. U shouldn't notice this bug in v3, as there r plenty of actors and events left in case one hangs.

"Cannot open store for class "QF__01000D67", missing file?"/"error: Unable to bind script QF__01000D67 to WE04COPY0003 (1E000D67) because their base types do not match" or similar messages in the papyrus log.
These messages where caused by missing files in v3.0/3.1. The second one should be gone with v3.2 where the mentioned scripts have been replaced by some with "speaking" names.
The first one can presist, due to the scripthandling of skyrim. The (non)-existance of the script could still be mentioned in the save-game. But this message can be ignored, as the those scripts are no longer requiered.

Please tell me if u find sth else.


- shouldn't interfere with localisation, at least i hope so. I play Skyrim since it came out and yesterday i noticed for the first time (for real!!) that outdoor-cell-names are displayed on the right upper corner in the game. If you can read "Drachenfeste" there, near the new shrine, this would be my fault, sry.

Conflict granted with anything modifying:
- leveled Dragon lists -> put my mod first in the loadorder, to get the Dragons from the other mod; this could be the case for any mod bringing in new dragons (v3.2/v4)

Notice about the scripts:
The scripts delivered by this mod can be considered "peaceful". They just set the references the moment one of the events triggers. There won't be any still running scripts be left behind when u decide to delete the mod. Worst thing to happen r some "missing file?"-errors in papyrus log (those can be ignored).
Its possible that you don't even need the scripts at all, because the events are a copy of a vanilla event and the game should be able to recreate those scripts on demand.


Legal notes:
Don't upload on steam, hate them for setting me dry for three days while i was moving to a new flat.
Feel free to use this mod in any other way you wish. I don't care for gold and glory ;)

General permission granted without the need to ask me to use the "Deutsche Uebersetzung fuer Version 5" (german translation for v5) to make a localized version in your motherlanguage. To get the debugmessage right, open the DS_Settings.psc in an external editor and edit the lines. Open ck (without opening an esp file) go for Gameplay -> Papyrus Script Manager (use filter "ds_s") rightclick -> compile. Get the D-I-Y.pdf in the misc-section for further information where to find the shrine and message.