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Mark any horse or mount for followers to ride, mark them for yourself so they are not stolen, stop them from going away when you dismount and similar expanded control..

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Ever found a horse wandering the Tamriel, mounted it quick and thought to yourself SCORE!!
Than you have also been disappointed when you got of and the beast started wandering off and you couldn't find a way to stop it.
Well NO MORE!! Cause here's Horse Branding.

Since ages and ages ago, animals have been branded so one could mark them as their own.
This mod does just that.
When you install Horse Branding you will receive three Branding Irons.
With them you can mark any horse as your own or belonging to your followers. This will allow you and your followers to ride it(them).


There are two Branders. One with your mark and one with followers mark.
Using it does the following:
Removes STOLEN status (Your Mark)
Prevents horse from wandering off when dismounted (Both Marks)
Allows follower to ride the marked horse (Both Marks)
Allows MULTIPLE followers to ride the marked horses (Follower Mark)

Unbrander removes any mark given to a horse, in essence setting it free to roam and be jolly on its own. Maybe find a mare.. who knows!

With horse branding you will also get Basic Riding AI.
This will allow your follower to mount a horse when you do and follow you.
It can be disabled if you are using other horse riding mods.


Horse Branding has been tested with TCG Extended Version and TCG + Multifollowers combo. Meaning if you want to ride around with a dozen followers use the said mod combo!!

Horse branding has been tested with all mounts in Like a Boss mod and all can be marked for followers to ride!!
3. Better Horses: Tested and found semi compatible. All marking works as intended but horses will not hold position once dismounted.
4. None yet

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