Light and Heavy Circlets Fix by Fgem
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Added: 23/03/2012 - 04:22PM
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This mod is for players who want see their character's head and hair while wearing helmet,
don't prefer non-helmet mods and don't want interest with smithing for that.
This is a fix of Light and Heavy Armor Circlets by Abakus.
The mod changes the circlet's armor rating to the helmet values.


Don't install the orignal mod from Abakus if you use this mod.


Just extract LightAndHeavyCircletsFix.esp to your Data folder, and make sure you checked
the .esp in your Launcher at the Data Files section.
You need the same materials like the helmets to create the circlet, just go to a forge at
a smith.


All credits to Abakus, you can find his orignal work here:


Names of the circlets (named by Abakus):

Tafiir - Light - Khajiit(?)
Sivaas - Hide
Raan - Leather
Ruvaak - Scaled
Fahliil - Elven
Klo - Glass
Dov - Dragonscale
Vokun - Dark Brotherhood
Om - Nightingale
Vulon - Nightingale
Fus - Iron
Dwiin - Steel Plate
Ogiim - Orcish
Gol - Dwarven
Ved - Ebony
Toor - Daedric
Qeth - Dragonbone

Maybe this mod needs a little more fixing, i found that example the dragonscale circlet is more easy to create than lower ones...