Blessing of Hircine - Hunters Sacrifice by Hoax2
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While I wholeheartedly endorse valve I do not endorse the upload of my mods to SteamWorkshop, please respect this decision.
NOTE: I've lost the original source files and scripts for this mod and can no longer support or develop it.

- New Location: Shrine of Hircine (The Daedric Prince of The Hunt)
- Hircine's Blessing: 10% damage to bows for 7 hours
- A stag heart or rabbit foot sacrifice/offering to Hircine receives a gift

- Daedric Hunting Bow (Same stats as Daedric Bow)
- Hircine's Arrow (Same stats as Daedric Arrow)
- 25% chance of finding a White Stag in Deer/Elk areas
- White Stag Heart can be gathered
- Rabbit Foot can be gathered
- Daedric Hunting Bow can be enchanted and improved at grindstones

The hunters of The Rift have long told of a handmade Shrine to Hircine nestled in a sacred grotto west of the Autumnshade Clearing. The Daedric Prince of The Hunt, Father of the Manbeasts, is said to reward worthy trappers with Daedric gifts when presented with the heart from a noble white stag or the swift foot of a hare.

Ritual: Place your offering on the altar then receive Hircine's blessing.

I'd love to make this even better with a new static model, if anyone is interested in giving it a crack please let me know.

v1 This mod is an extension of my more simple mod