Beyond 81 and Experience Reduction by Svard
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A very simple mod that ups the level cap. Included are optional files that also reduces experience gain and modifies the Mage, Thief and Warrior stone perks to offer lower experience. Ultimately, you get more perks in the long run while having the option to keep the experience factor a little more balanced. Essentially, it can even make leveling a bit more difficult, because your skills themselves are leveling more slowly (have fun getting that Alchemy skill to 100! XD).

Feel free to make any other suggestions or report bugs.

NOTE: It is HIGHLY recommended that you use a new character for this mod! You could always use console commands to work around any issues with a previous save, but recommended that you make a new save before doing so. I take no responsibility for what YOU do with YOUR saves!
Console commands to make use of are...
player.setlevel x (use to modify your character level)
player.setav (use to modify your skill levels and health/magicka/stamina/carryweight values)
player.modav (same as above)
advskill (use to advance your skill levels)
player.removeperk (use to manually remove perks)
player.addperk (use to manually add perks.

For a full list of Console Commands, perk ids and actor values, go

Mod Compatibility
If you have any plugins that modify race attributes, then it is not recommended that you use this mod. I'll see what I can do to change this in the future. Also, make sure you don't use other mods that modify the leveling curve. Aside from that, all other mods are safe.


EXP_Cut_10-20 - Experience reduced by 10%.
Mage/Thief/Warrior Stones give 20% experience bonus.

EXP_Cut_20-20 - Experience reduced by 20%.
Mage/Thief/Warrior Stones give 20% experience bonus.

EXP_Cut_35-15 - Experience reduced by 35%.
Mage/Thief/Warrior Stones give 15% experience bonus.

EXP_Cut_50-10 - Experience reduced by 50%.
Mage/Thief/Warrior Stones give 10% experience bonus.

EXP_Cut_65-5 - Experience reduced by 65%.
Mage/Thief/Warrior Stones give 5% experience bonus.

EXP_Cut_80-5 - Experience reduced by 80%.
Mage/Thief/Warrior Stones give 5% experience bonus.

Level_Cap_100 - Level cap upped to 100.
Health/Magicka/Stamina increase by 8 on level up.
Carry Capacity increases by 4 on Stamina increase.

Level_Cap_120 - Level cap upped to 120.
Health/Magicka/Stamina increase by 7 on level up.
Carry Capacity increases by 3.5 on Stamina increase.

Level_Cap_150 - Level cap upped to 150.
Health/Magicka/Stamina increase by 6 on level up.
Carry Capacity increases by 3 on Stamina increase.

Level_Cap_255 - Level cap upped to 255.
Health/Magicka/Stamina increase by 4 on level up.
Carry Capacity increases by 2 on Stamina increase.

Other Options

Normal Health-Majicka-Stamina-Weight:
Provides the different level cap options without changing the amount
Health, Majicka, Stamina and Carry Weight gained on leveling up.

No Slow Skills:
Crafting Skills and skills that level up more slowly are not reduced
by the Experience Reduction perk.
(Smithing, Enchanting, Alchemy, Restoration, Lockpicking, Pickpocket)

Change log
1.30 - Added more options (see Other Options)

1.20 - Added EXP_Cut_80-5 option
- Fixed Mage/Thief/Warrior Stone descriptions.
- Changed values for Health/Magicka/Stamina and Carry Capacity when leveling up.

1.10 - Added multiple level cap and experience options.

1.00 - Initial Release