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Never make a town run to sell equipment again. Never scour the world looking for ingots to raise your smithing. Stop dying in fights because you hate buying potions all the time. Never hunt for that one missing enchantment. In essence, stop "managing" your character and start "playing" them.

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Creeper, the Handiest Minion of All

Creeper is a lover, not a fighter. A lover of loot, and the gold that it brings.
All he wants in life is for you to give him things, which he will promptly go and sell for you
returning 8 game hours later with your proceeds. No more running to town because you
have too many enchanted battle-axes. Creeper handles it all with aplomb and grace.

He is named after a handy little Skamp from Morrowind, who also was a help to players who were
tired of going from shopkeep to shopkeep to dump loot.

He will sell anything, including stolen goods. If its worth gold, he doesn't care.
No more worrying about what goods you can sell to certain shops.
He gives you a clean 33% if the item's value, which is about what the average player
gets from shopkeepers.

You will find him wandering about UnderStone Keep in Markarth.
He will join you immediately.
He runs from fights, so if you like having combat based companions, this may not be for you
(or you can just get a mod that allows you to have multiple companions)
However, I have made two very strong pokemon themed Animal followers that work well alongside creeper. Here's the link *cough* shameless plug *cough*

Oh yeah, and he's a tiny little falmer. Somehow his stature makes him creepier.

P.S He's creepy.

He has a little wabbit buddy who does the same thing, if you prefer cute to creepy. Happy gaming!

Taurin - the Miracle Worker - Currently a bit Broken.

Taurin is a former Vigilant of Stendarr cleric (and by former I mean dead), who was caught with the wife of a prominent Housecarl some centuries ago. Forever penitent, he seeks a hero to save, and thereby save others, to atone. Find him in Dragonsreach and allow him to seek his own forgiveness.

Taurin will do nothing but heal you in combat. All of his spells heal you if you hit a certain
percentage, restoring you to a new percentage of your health. All of his spells have
cooldown periods to balance him.

Move Name - Player Percentage - Healed Percentage - Cooldown

Salve60%80%30 Seconds

Vitae40%70%60 Seconds

Wonder20%60%120 Seconds

Miracle5%100%240 Seconds

Metallo-Alchemical Unit Mk IV

This is for the budding (or even master) Smith. I had noticed that one of the big things
lessning my RP experience as a smith was the need to wander from city to city
for (real time) hours scouring for every ingot I could afford. Well, consider that
a worry no longer! Meet the Mk IV!

tHE Mark Four model was designed by two dwemer scientists, a metallurgist and an
alcehmist. Combining their knowledge of exotic materials, the concluded that while
it was not possible to convert any substance into gold (hence its standing as the
universal currency of Nirn) it was a complex, yet possible, process to convert gold
into nearly any known metal or construction material. This would be an enormous convenience
to several cities, which were cash rich but ill situated for materials transport.
Unfortunately for these scientists, after presenting their prototype, the Mk 4 they were murdered
and their prototype never seen again. Their research laboratories were arsoned, and nothing ever became of it.
It is thought by scholars that it was the work of the highly lucrative specialty transport
corporations who would stand the most to lose in Nchuand-Zel.

It seems the Mk IV has resurface though! After long centuries, smiths can finally
Insert Gold ---> Get Ingots in an efficient manner!

The base gold values of ingots can be found here:
You will need to give twice their value to the Mk IV. This sounds unfair, but consider
that you are likely spending much more than that to buy them from vendors.

He will also give you a 10% general bonus to smithing. Handy, that. Like all of the
other followers in this mod, he is made for utility, not combat. Don't expect him to
Hulk out on something.

He can be found in Markarth as well.


The backstory you can get for yourself through dialogue options, I won't spoil it here.

What he does is solve the chief problem enchanters have: finding the right enchantment.
By creating a Gold Ring using the CHIM unit's smelter (and yes, you must use one
of these rings, or it won't work) and then giving it to him along with a filled petty
soul gem, the CHIM unit will generate an enchanted ring with any enchantment you could

He also gives a 10% bonus to enchanting. Yay!

He is located in the room you break into to take a rubbing of the Falmer Language
for the Thieves guild. If you don't want to break in there, just type "coc markarthwizardsquarters03" into the console.

Have fun!
Hey, if anyone can mention something that they HATE having to do in Skyrim, I can probably make a companion to remedy the issue. I'm having trouble coming up with more neat utility guys, and as it turns out my Customizable Companion mod has hit something of a roadblock. Suggestions welcome!