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"The more fanciful tales have them summoning storms and even stopping time. These should be discounted as myths and faery tales."

Now available in English and Japanese! (Thank you hydragoon)


Download one of the main files, depending on your language and difficulty, and unzip. Simply place the Legendary Lore - Dragons.ESP into your Data Folder, then open up TESV.exe and activate it in your data files.

Alternatively, download the mod with the Nexus Mod Manager and let the mod manager do the work for you!

Remember that you may need to wait 7, 10, 30 days or however long your respawn time is in order for dragons with these abilities to spawn. In the meantime, you may spawn dragons with the console.



The Dragonborn could kill dragons in Vanilla Skyrim quite easily without breaking a sweat. I personally watched my first random dragon die to a Frostbite Spider and a Bear. I tried looking around on the Nexus for a Lore-Friendly Dragon mod, but none of them did what I wanted to them to do: make NPCs flee, make dragons tougher, allow dragons to use more shouts.

Not anymore.



All Dragons:

Have significantly increased health over vanilla dragons.
Have increased melee and shout damage based on their level.
Have new resistances based on their elemental style and their level.

Dragons in the main questline (including Alduin!) should now pose a challenge to the Dovahkiin.


In addition, all dragons have been given new shouts:

All dragons have been given Unrelenting Force.

All dragons that are Blood Dragons or higher-order have been given Disarm.

Frost Dragons and higher-order Frost Dragons have been given Ice Form.

Elder and Ancient Fire Dragons have been given Marked for Death.

Ancient dragons have unique Storm Call shouts corresponding to their elemental style.


Unique dragons have been given better resistances and some exclusive shouts - including the World-Eater Alduin himself...

Lastly, most NPCs (guards not included) will now flee from dragons.


Difficulty Setting:

There are three difficulty settings for Legendary Lore - Dragons.

Minimal: Boosts dragon shout and melee damage and doubles vanilla health.
For players who want slightly more challenging dragons.

Normal: Boosts dragon shout and melee damage and triples vanilla health.
For players who want more challenging dragons that can tank a few hits.

Enhanced: Significantly boosts dragon shout and melee damage and triples vanilla health.
For players who want dragons to truly feel like the bosses of the game.

Note: Enhanced is meant to be truly difficult.
Restoration will become your best friend, as well as Elemental Resistance potions or enchantments.

You have been warned.




Decreased the area of effect of Ancient Dragons' Storm Call projectiles


Regular dragons will deal less damage to new players.
Ancient Dragons' Storm Calls will now create hazards after a projectile hits.
All dragons will now use Frost Breath for the same duration as Fire Breath.


Become Ethereal's health regeneration has been decreased significantly.


Minimal, Normal, and Enhanced versions released.
Increased the area of certain shouts to make them more effective.
Health, damage, and resistances of some dragons have been slightly tweaked.


Members of the Blades will no longer flee from dragons.


Health Regeneration during certain Become Ethereal shouts has been decreased significantly.
Dragons' Disarm shouts will now take longer to cooldown.
Undead, Daedra, Automatons, and specific quest NPCs will no longer flee from dragons.
Odhaviing will no longer unintentionally initiate combat with a fear aura until a certain quest.


All dragons have faster regeneration rates of and larger pools of Magicka and Stamina
Ancient Dragons' Storm Calls should now change the weather properly
Fixed a rare compatibility issue with mods altering the player's Storm Call shout
Certain dragons have been strengthened considerably and given new abilities
Alduin should now use more diverse shouts
Imperials and Stormcloaks from the Civil War no longer flee from dragons


All dragons have had their health reworked for better variance.
Disarm will now affect higher-level players.
Marked for Death will drain less health and armor, and for a shorter interval.
Fireball and Ice Storm will now deal damage over a much larger area.
Current followers will no longer flee from dragons.


Initial Release



Legendary Lore - Dragons is not compatible with any mods that alter vanilla dragons, although texture packs are perfectly fine. Mods that add new dragons may be compatible, depending on how they were coded.

It is compatible with mods that alter vanilla shouts - all shouts used by dragons are completely separate from the ones used by the player.


But... there is one they fear. In their tongue... he is 'Dovahkiin' - Dragonborn!