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Argonians Recolored

[[[@To All
If the heads are still at the regular colour, that depends what skin mod you are using for the argonians!]]]

Many thanks to mysticentity and to The Creation Kids for their awesome logo.
Many thanks to foretrenty who made Skyrim NPC Editor, this awesome retexturing program. ^^
Can find foretrenty's Skyrim NPC Editor here:
Many thanks to Expired/expired6978 who gave me permission to use his Extended Slider Colors for skin color and hair color on my mod. ^^

Required Mod:
Extended Slider Colors -


Change color skins on some Argonians, there are some more recolored argonians than the image have,
but also i left some argonians as they are created.
Now Skyrim has different colored argonians like in Oblivion.
Argonians which are recolored, Deeja, Jaree-Ra, Madesi, Neetrenaza, Shahvee, Talen-Jei, Veezara and Wujeeta.
I don't know if anyone of those is follower, but i choosed randomly the npcs.

Extract the file and copy the folder "Data" to Program FilesSteamSteamAppscommonskyrim

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6) Users/Modders are not allowed to upload my mods on Steam Workshop as their own to obtain money and it means the same for Permissions 2/3/4, my mods will always stay on nexus for free!

Npcs made by haldir307.
All credits goes to the author from the required mod Expired, but you can endorse my mod. ;)