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Drem Yol Lok! The Skyrim Mods Series is a show on Youtube where I review well-known and unknown mods.
I keep everything short, detailed and get to the point fast in about 5 episodes a week.

I wasn't able to upload any episode, because the upload of the files is always breaking. I try it again and again, but for the moment you can't download it on this page. In the download you'll find a explanation of what I said here and the site which lists the mods/episodes, which is also online in the link further below.

If you like the Skyrim Mods Series, please endorse this :)!

Please don't watch the first series, because I was pretty bad back then xD! I will redo this episodes in the near future though!

Beside of delivering more quality content and have a constant output, I would love to set up a website in the future which provides a "review library" for the casual gamer. A lot of people don't have the time to search through sites like Skyirm Nexus to find the best mods. That's why they like to watch reviews of interesting mods. This planned website will probably have the domain name (because I already reserved it). And the website isn't aiming for being a "second Skyrim Nexus". It's something completely different.

The user goes to the website because he wants to see good mods in action. He goes there, chooses a category and specifies his search with tags, if there are too many results. He will get a list with reviewed mods that fit his interests and can simply click on a icon to get to the review video or the second/minute in the review video on Youtube.

The problem with sites like Skyrim Nexus is, that there can be mods, that don't get the attention that they deserve. For example there are very good mods that are up for months and I just found them in the last days. Also there is no rating, but sometimes that's better. Though I see that if you just can endorse there is no down-voting, which is interesting too.

Some of my viewers appreciated that idea (and one of them came up with the idea) because there are so much mods out there and they don't know what they shall use.

If any mod reviewer is interested in joining me with this project, just write me a message. It will take some months though until I have the capacity to do such a website (work + youtube fills my whole day, and I would like to get into modding too). But the more reviewer/videos the better and fuller the website. Feel free to ask questions.