Kingdom Of Forsworn by Kyman3
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Last updated at 21:53, 15 Sep 2012 Uploaded at 0:40, 21 Mar 2012

With this mod I intend to add more to both the Nord and Forsworn factions in the Reach, so that whatever side the player chooses there is more for them to encounter, raid, defend, and slaughter.

What this mod Does:
-Expands the Forsworn holdings of Lost Valley Redoubt, Brukas Leap Redoubt, and Serpents Bluff Redoubt by adding new enemies, tents/FS clutter, and farms.
-Makes Old Hroldan an actual village with guards.
-Adds two Forsworn patrols and one Markarth Guard Patrol. They do at one point intersect.
-Increases the total Forsworn population by 39
-Increases the total population of the Reach by 29 (including Guards)
-Ups the difficulty of certain enemies so that the player isn’t wading through hordes of reachmen with supreme ease.

New NPC types:
-You will now find Forsworn Fishermen in a few places along the Karth River.
-Added “Disenfranchised Reachmen” to represent the Forsworns new recruits who aren’t yet fully versed in the ways of hatred and war.
-Reachmen Militia now guard Karthwasten, reflecting the Jarls unwillingness to protect his native subjects.
-Added Markarth Scout

Expansion of the Mod:
I have started work on expanding Red Eagle Redoubt but didn’t include it in the main description because it is minimal atm. I hope to add more to most (perhaps all) of the Forsworn holdings and also add a few more Nord holdings.

Recomended Mods:
Forsworn Faction Pack by Malzen (malanity) IF you want to be a forsworn. But why wouldn’t you?
I have tested with this mod active and so far no conflicts.

-Added a new Markarth patrol and Fort “Ram Horns Garrison”. Found between Sunguard and Bilegulch Mine.
-Broken Tower Redoubt now has Forsworn Roadblocks Guarding the pass.

-Removed objects from fort Sunguard, fixing the conflict with the Stormcloak Campaign
-Made current patrols tougher.

1) Fortified Markarth-Adds 30 new guards to the CITY of markarth. 13 outside, 13 inside, and 4 in the keep. Perfect if you found sacking the city as a forsworn to easy, or if you just want the immersion of a corrupt and insecure guard state.

Special Thanks To Cicatrix for delegating conflict aversion with other mods.