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__This is a Shield Bash perk that hits everyone in front of you.

__My goal For Titan Bash, Guardian Sweep And Savage Cleave was to make a set of 1-h sweeps without them being over-powered, so I split them up into multiple perks to spread the levels out. shield users and dual wielders, each with there own places, advantages and disadvantages. It would have been easy to just make 1 one-handed Sweep mod that does everything. but that leads to extreme OP abilities that just make the game dry. so I have been slitting up melee combat into as many different ways as I can, then giving each type its own Sweeping perk each with there own buffs and debuffs to make them more practical.

___Here is the break down for each of the perks:___

-SAVAGE CLEAVE is a perk that replaces your Dual Savagery perk. It makes all of your sideways AND Standing power attacks sweep, hitting everyone in front of you. But your weapon damage is reduced by 20% while dual wielding. This is unlock-able at skill level 100.

-GUARDIAN STRIKE Makes all of your Sideways Power attacks Sweep everyone in front of you and gives you a 25% damage increase, But you MUST be using a shield with your One-Handed Weapon in order to sweep. this perk replaces Paralyzing Strike in the One-Handed Skill tree and is unlock-able at skill level 70.

-TITAN BASH causes your Shield Bash to hit everyone in front of you... I think that is pretty self explanatory. Replaces Disarming Bash in you Block skill tree and is unlock-able at skill level 70
Download Guardian Sweep here:
Download Savage Cleave here:

___future adjustments:___
- making the perk visible and usable in the perk tree-----------------(COMPLETE!!)
- making a separate perk for dual wield------------------------------------(COMPLETE!!)
- making shield bash stagger everyone in front of you-----------------(COMPLETE!!)
- There is more to come!------------------------------------------(To be announced soon)

-NMM works like a charm

For you manual installerers:
-unzip the folder and put everything into the Skyrim Data folder.
-[Computer/HP(C:)/Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/common/Skyrim/Data]
-don't just put the whole folder into data files after you unzip it, take the contents of the fold and drag/copy & past it into the skyrim data file.