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New face textures for females in Skyrim. Completely changes vanilla\'s textures for a new high resolution, beautiful look.

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necKros' Beauty Faces for females
V1.3.1 - 02 December 2011
Skyrim mod
You saw it first at Skyrim Nexus

What is it?

This is a brand new retex for female faces in Skyrim, which pretends to improve the blocky, lifeless and low resolution vanilla look. Instead of just scaling the default texture, this mod features new, photo based 2048 textures with little or no scaling from source images. This results in a true high definition and more lifelike feel.

I try not to pick sides in the real life vs. supermodel modding debate, my aim is to create mods for various people instead of focusing only in what I like. In this case, I think there is a good balance between verisimilitude and beauty, but, if anything, beauty prevaled this time. I'm aware many people would favor a more nautral, everyday look, and that's something I'd like to work someday too.

2 files have been modified (for now):

How do I install it?

Just unpack the files in your data folder and overwrite if prompted (you might want to backup
the original files first).


11/24/11 - Original release.
11/24/11 - Added version 1.1 with less "grain" effect in diffuse texture to avoid the "flour in the face" look.
11/25/11 - Added version 1.2. This update corrects the "powdered" effect present in pale skins that made them appear too bright and greasy. The specular map is also slightly toned down. Lips have been adjusted in shape to better adjust the geometry of the mesh, and toned down to a natural color. I've finally added the promised lip masks (lipstick) to correctly match the texture in the main package. This will overwrite the "detailed lips" mod if you have it installed. These new lip masks are lossless, 1024 textures that perfectly preserve the lipgloss gradients. The downside is that they weight 4 MB each. While this will hardly represent a performance hit in any decent computer, I've created a lossy version available as a plugin for the lower end PC. My advice is to try the lossless version first, and if you notice an impact, switch to the low quality ones.
11/25/11 - Added version 1.3. This fixes the white nose issue, hopefully to your appeal.
12/02/11 - Added version 1.3.1. Minor fix adressing too bright skin around the eyes, specially in the inner eye corners.

What do I need?

The textures work good just over a vanilla Skyrim, but look best when they're sorrounded by fabulous Xenius' eyes and face normal maps

(no more blocky faces).

Also included in some screenshots are Less Harsh Elves _ No Bags or Indentations by Amanda LaPalme (with a personal touch) and

Human eyes for Elves by Porcelyn (only in the bosmer screenshot).


This is only a retex, so there are no compatibility issues except with mods that alter the same files as this one.

To do

· New lip mask files. Default and Xenius' lip masks (the area colored when you select a lip color) don't match 100% of the new texture. A lip patch will be likely created as a secondary download.
· Smoother face normal maps for the human/mer races.
· Male faces.
· More "Complexion" face masks once the CS is out.
· Hair (maybe).

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Please feel free to send your love or hatred to [email protected] or contact me in the forums.

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