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Last updated at 4:03, 16 Apr 2012 Uploaded at 20:14, 19 Mar 2012

Weapon-wielding mannequins fixed in dynamic action poses!

Weapon stands that allow 360 degree viewing! These can be found in houses and castles around Skyrim.

Fixed wall plaques that mount all weapons properly! Includes the infamous Orcish Battleaxe. Coat of Arms plaques properly mirror weapons mounted left and right.

All of that is what you'll get from installing this mod. These enhancements affect all mannequins and display plaques in the vanilla game. They should even work with mannequins added by house-expansion mods.

Some poses may cause mannequins or their weapons to clip walls or objects because of their placement. This is unavoidable.

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Update: Okay, for some reason the CK is too stupid to remember what scripts/meshes I've changed or added. I had to manually add the mannequin script and the weapon stand trigger mesh. Sorry I didn't spot the problem earlier. If you downloaded 1.0, get 1.0a.

    Known issues:
  • Some types of armor may not be visible when added to a mannequin. I have not been able to find out why; every person who sees this bug reports a different type of armor was affected. The armor *is* equipped, it's just invisible.
  • Mannequins are unposed if you load a save file in the same room as the mannequins.
  • Armed mannequins MIGHT HIT YOU as they get into their pose. Try standing to the side.
  • Staff-wielding mannequins will activate their staffs in certain poses! Worse still, some staff effects will stay on forever (like a staff of flames). My recommendation is to avoid staffs that cast Destruction spells.

    Future plans:
  • To everyone: I appreciate all the support and comments. But I've moved on from Skyrim modding and this mod will no longer receive updates. Thanks for all the endorsements.

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