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Adds 'Prisoner's Cuffs', 'Arm Bandages' and 'Clean Arm Bandages' to the crafting system.


* Arm Bandages costs 2 Linen Wrap to craft.
* Clean Arm Bandages costs 2 Linen Wrap to craft.
* Prisoner's Cuffs costs 6 leather strips to craft.
* Prisoner's Cuffs Reinforced Hide costs the same as vanilla hide bracers/gauntlets.
** Prisoner's Cuffs Reinforced Iron costs the same as vanilla iron gauntlets.

* = Forge Hide Smithing Catagory
** = Forge Iron Smithing Catagory


#1, The armoured varients match theie named counterparts in stats and can be tempered at a workbench in the same way.

#2, All variants use the standard brown work glove model when dropped.

Version History:

v1.2 - Added 'White' vareient of bandages by request.
v1.1 - Added armoured varient of cuffs by request.
v1.0 - Original release.