Castle Strunmah by Yevic
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Hey guys, Yevic here, just wanted you to know that I've read through some of your comments and will be working on an update in the next few days that should help fix some of the issues you're all experiencing


Castle Strunmah, by Yevic

A large player owned castle on a mountain top south of Dragon Bridge, currently for free.
The castle includes a great hall, a kitchen with cooking pot, a library with 4 useable bookcases and an enchanting/spell making station.
The upstairs contains a companion bedroom and a player bedroom, the whole castle is of course, companion friendly.
Outside you'll find a small blacksmithing area complete with a smelter, forge, tanning rack and work table.

Display Options
8 wall mounted displays
4 display cases
5 manequins
1 weapon rack with 5 slots

Compatibility: As of now there are no known incompatibilities and the only bug I can think of is you may see a visual anomally when going up the stairs, but it's nothing to worry about.

Plans: A short quest and or an npc who will sell the castle for a reasonable price

Yevic for the construction of the Castle
Bethesda for making skyrim and releasing it's wonderful creaiton kit
Williesea for helping me with a bug one of my scripts.

Initial Release

Followers can relax:
So you can leave your companions in the castle and get some use out of the dorm
Spouses can live anywhere:
So that you can move spouses in

you can e-mail me at [email protected] but depending on my work and school schedule it may take me a few days to respond.