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Added: 19/03/2012 - 03:30AM
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Wyrmfang v1.0 by Nicoroshi

Reason for this mod

This is the Skyrim conversion of my mod by the same name for Oblivion.

I couldn't see my own Skyrim installation without these blades in it, and figured others would like them too.

What this mod does:

This mod adds 2 new blades to Skyrim both based on the same design.

A shortsword, and a dagger.

How do I install it?:

Unpack the downloaded 7zip file to a known location (like 'my desktop').

Open the file, and either copy to folder or drag, and drop the folder labeled 'Data' into your Skyrim folder.

NOTE: The Skyrim folder is normally located at C:SteamSteamappscommonskyrim.

When prompted by windows answer "Yes To All".

Start Skyrim, and in the Data directory place a checkmark by Wyrmfang.esp.

Play and enjoy.

Or skip all of that and install using Nexus Mod Manager :)

Are They 'Uber God Weapons'?

No, Both are equal to or less than that of Daedric weapons of the same type, and carry no enchantment.

I felt this was a good strength for them so that they my be a characters main weapons throughout the game but not make battles boring.

They carry no enchantment so the player can enchant them to suit their own play style.

Where are they?

Both blades can be found in Darklight Chambers which is South of Riften.

Both can be crafted by those with the Steel Smithing perk.

Version Log:

1.0 initial release


Big thank you to ThorTheViking who posted a bunch of weapons pictures long ago in Bethesda's official forum looking for modelers who might make some of them.

This sword was one (of two) I modeled for that thread.


(For my friend Eriko, and others)

Direct conversion of this mod into another language is granted so long as the original readthis file is included (or a translation of it to the target language).

Other use of the model, and texture aside from this mod is NOT granted as I wish them to stay specific to this mod.

Author's Note:

I hope these bring you happiness.