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Six bunnies have moved onto a farm in the Rift. You can bring any number of them with you on your adventures.

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Rabbit Ranch - Bunny Pets

This mod adds bunny companions that will follow the player. There are six bunnies total, and they can all follow if desired. They are currently living at new farm with a Nord woman named Raelene. The farm is in the Rift region, near Ivarstead. Just talk to a bunny to get it to follow you.

Up to six bunnies can follow the player at one time. You can tell the bunnies to wait for you, or to go back home. If any bunnies become lost for some reason there is a shrine to Dibella in the basement of the farm that can be activated to call them back home. The bunnies are invulnerable but will sometimes be attacked by enemies, although they can't be hurt.

This mod should be compatible with any mods that retexture the rabbits. The farm is in the cell coordinates (23, -19) so any mods that add or change anything in that cell will not be compatible.

To install manually download the file and unzip to your Skyrim/Data folder.

Update history:
v1.1 I added the bunnies to playerfaction. They can't be hit by the player's frenzy type spells anymore. Hopefully they do not go hostile and followers won't feel the need to slay them.