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This mod is an addon for WARZONEs and has been released with the kind permission of My Good Eye

Please leave a comment and Endorse if you like it!

Working perfectly! Updates will come when I have more time, so maybe in a week-3 weeks

When I was playing on my Stormcloak character I loved what the WARZONE mod did to make the game just come alive, but there where not enough Imperials for me to fight and the fights I joined in became utterly one-sided for me. I also thought the game just lacked immersion in how the Empire of Tamriel had no more then 15 troops in any given point, and how me(And this is a level 32 Archer with stormcloak gear..) and 1 companion could run from Windhelm to Solitude, kill every Imperial we see on the way, and then sack Solitude with little effort. This mod changes that! Oh does it fix that...Ever want to command a Group of Stormcloaks, lead your men into battles, and fight the Mighty Imperial Legion?! Now you can!

This mod places Legionaries and their encampments at strategic points in the map. I have posted Screenshots of one evening's worth of battle so you can get a feel for what exactly this mod does.

- Adds in over 1850 STATIC leveled Imperial Legionnaires. I think "Dynamic leveling" destroys immersion and game-play, so all my Legionnaires are level 15. My mod creates its own NPCs called "Imperial Legionnaire", so don't worry about it effecting NPCs from other mods.
-Also adds in 100 Imperial Captains, these are level 25 with some extra health and with much better gear.
-Adds in 14 Imperial Justicars to Solitude. These elite troops are level 30 with flaming 2handers
-Adds in General Cornelius Scipio to the Battle at Norman's Hill. He Wields the powerful Fulger Securis
-Adds in a Unique Hero Guard Lieutenant Thaddeus Durzo to Solitude, he has some very powerful custom gear.
-Adds Vice Admiral Grekas to the Imperial Landing point. He has some enchanted elven gear he got in the war fighting the Dominion.
-Adds in Major Antonius Dezmeridian to the Imperial Camp. Has 2 custom made weapons!
-Adds in Major Quintus Caecilius to the Imperial Forward Landing. Has a custom made ring.

-Places a massive Garrison at Dragon's Bridge.
-Places a Massive Garrison Outside of and Inside Solitude
-Places a Very Massive Garrison at the Imperial Legion Fort outside of Roariksted
-Adds the massive Battle of Norman's Hill, see Pictures for location
-Adds the Battle of Hjorjiir's Slope, see Pictures for loacation
-Places a Large Garrison at the Imperial Legion Camp in the Tundra
-Places a Medium(Around 40) troops at the Imperial Landing
-Places a Medium Patrol just north of Falkenreth
-Adds Several Small battles between Stormcloaks and Imperials, with Imperials having a large advantage
-Adds several patrols(Around 10-14 troops each) in Strategic locations throughout the map, all on the Imperial owned side
-Adds several Smaller groups of Legionaries throughout the map as well

Other notes:
I actually had intended for this mod to be only for my personal use, but I have just been having so much fun with it that I thought I'd load it to the Nexus and share it with all of you. I plan on expanding it, but for now consider it done. DL it and give a whirl and tell me what you think! I am open to suggestions and improvements. I have thoroughly play tested this mod should have no bugs, but if you encounter any please let me know :).

Right now this mod only adds Imperials, if enough people want me to make a "Might of the Stormcloaks" mod that adds in tons of Stormcloaks to fight I'll do it at some point, I already plan on making one for my own personal use..eventually ;).

Mount and Skyrim?:
How I have been having a blast is using the More Follower mod grabbing 10 followers, dressing them up as stormcloaks and running into Imperial territory and fighting their Squads. Its been amazingly fun. I also have my own companion mod that adds in 12 companions. The companion's in my companion mod are far superior to other companions in that they all have a full set of relevant perks for there class. When your fighting 70 Imperials with 10 men, you cant afford to have your allies suck. Other then that, they all level with you and fill many different "Archetypes", like Tank, Ranged DPS, Magic DPS, Melee DPS, healer ect ect haha. If you say I play to many MMO's your right ;p, but it makes for REALLY fun Skyrim play. I am going to upload my Companion mod right after this one. Its just a blast leading your men into the fray when your outnumbered 4:1 or greater.

This mod could also be fun for people who have stupid OP characters and want to see how many legions of legionnaires it takes to take them down(Assuming they do indeed kill you), hahah


This mod is a addon to WARZONES - Civil Unrest, and requires it to run(It may work without it, haven't tried). But needless to say, it is completely compatible with WARZONEs.

I run with over 70 mods and this mod has no conflicts, so you should be fine no matter what else you run.

Require mods:
WARZONES by My Good Eye:

Other Mods by me!

CKs Improved Windhelm:
An awesome mod that brings Windhelm to life by adding in 4 new shops, cleans up the streets, and many more improvements! Give it a shot and tell me what you think!

CK's Companion mod:
All these companions have perks, level with you, and have weapons that allow them to actually dual wield. Its an awesome mod, go check it out if you need some solid troops!