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The Hideout(1 room version)
The Hideout: A PlayerAbode
Not a player home. But A great place to stay and/or hideout.

An old forgotten/Abandoned Thieve Guild Lair. A one room version of "The Hideout".
1 Room Lair; 2 Player chest, Player bed, working bookcase, navmeshed, odd and
ends. See for yourself.

RPG Notes
You are on the west road outside Riverwood. For some reason - dragon attacking, to
avoid wolves, see someone you think you know, or just out of curiosity. You duck
into the trees. You spot a trapdoor-- Come on roleplay it "Look a trapdoor, I
wonder whats inside".

West of Riverwood, just off the road in a small clump of trees. Look for a
trapdoor near the base of the tree. The Hideout is a bit hard to find. If you
can't find it: coc rwhideout to get in. Note the hideout is to the right, trapdoor
in front of you is a secret passage into riverwood. The trapdoor(the one with the
ladder) behind you leads up the the road west of riverwood.

d/l, Unrar, place .esp & file in your data directory, make sure its ticked.
CK also generated a .ckm and put it in my data folder, (not sure what the file is
for) but put in your data folder also.

Revision .3 Improved lighting, Added food barrel near trap door, changed spawning food barrel near table to non-respawning, Added(food, plates, tankards, mead, woodpile, furniture). Fixed floor dip in doorway.
Version .25 fixed a couple more holes. Improved firepit. Basically complete. For Now.
Version .20 added cooking spit and barrel.
Version .19, fixed crack/holes
Version .18 rough

Thats about it --have fun-- Chaz_916