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Delve deep into Laatviik, the ancient temple and fortress used by the very cult which served the dragons in ages long past. It is up to the Dragonborn to discover the power that still dwells here.

This is a medium/large dungeon located in the mountains far south of Helgen. The difficulty scales with your level, except for the final boss so at least level 20 is recommended. Care was taken to be lore-friendly and all backstory is delivered through in-game notes and books.

Followers should accompany you inside so Lydia can tag along for this one!

According to legend, at the end of the great dragon war, a last contingent of the infamous dragon cult was sent to recover a weapon so powerful, it had been locked away; only for use in the more dire of needs. Fortunately for mankind, the cult was wiped out on the steps of the temple, and their powerful weapon was never put to use.
Many ages later, the power hidden away in Laatviik once again stirs. It is the Dragonborn's destiny to retrieve the great sword Hokoronal, they very weapon the cult hoped would turn the tide of the war.
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