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Weapon Pack
IMPORTANT : dnt get me wrong , this has nothing to do with the "scientific racist"
I choose this name because these weapons looks like ainceint Persian weapons in our history books.
history lessons:
long time ago Ariyan people came to Iran .... they divided to 3 major groups : Pars , Mad and Part
the word "Iran" means land of Aryans
now a days most of the worlds people just know Pars and call Iran "Persia".Mad and Part had great history too.
so I wanted a name bigger than Persia and I chose Ariyan
and it has a good meaning ==> ARIYA = Honorable
so it has nothing to do with racism thing.dnt forget history because of hitler !!!


What this mod does:
add this weapons to the game:

Ariyan Noble Scimitar
Ariyan Deshne
Ariyan Hunters Sabre
Ariyan Hero Arrow
Ariyan Hero Scimitar
Ariyan Hero Great Scimitar
Ariyan Gorz
Ariyan Hashashion Sowrd
Ariyan Caspian Arrow

V 1.2
Ariyan Sultan sowrd
Ariyan sheild
Ariyan kiyan sheild
Ariyan Generals Sheild
Ariyan Xerxes bow
Ariyan Hunter bow
Ariyan Caspian bow

V 1.1
Ariyan Caspian sabre
Ariyan Generals sabre
Ariyan Kiyan bow
Ariyan kiyan arrow

V 1
Ariyan sowrd
Ariyan sabre
Ariyan great sabre
Ariyan knife
Ariyan bow
Ariyan arrow
Ariyan spear
Ariyan cutlas
Ariyan sowrd of Nader
Ariyan Kiyan Sowrd
Ariyan Kiyan sabre
Ariyan Kiyan great sabre
Ariyan Kiyan knife
Ariyan Generals bow
Ariyan Generals arrow

Installation Instructions:
1. go to **(your user name)**\Documents and Settings\My Documents\My Games\Skyrim

open the SkyrimPrefs.ini with the notepad
and put this line under the [Launcher] section


2.Unpack the mod to a known location like (Desktop).

3.Find the folder labeled 'Data' within the mods files.

Copy data folder to your Skyrim main folder where the TESV.exe is

When prompted by Windows if you would like to overwrite files with the same name
in the data folder located there answer, "Yes To All".

4.Start up Skyrim , and place a checkmark next to Ariyan.esp
in your Data files.

5.Visit a smith and forge a sword under the Dwarven section you will find the weapons to forge

Un-Installation Instructions:

Remove the checkmark from Ariyan.esp in the
data files at start of the Skyrim launcher

If you would also like to remove the files

delate the folder sushiyant from the data\meshes\weapons
and the folder Sushiyant from the data\textures\weapons
and the file ariyan.esp from the data folder

known isuses:
Ariyan sabe and Ariyan Kiyan sabre glow in the dark
there are two spears , one will equip on left side of the body and the other equip on the right side

***VengenceMkII*** for meshes and textures
***Adonnay*** for meshes and textures
***Hel Borne*** for meshes and textures
***mbj_mje*** for meshes and textures
***waalx*** for meshes and textures
me *****Sushiyant***** for mixing the meshes and retexturing and merging everything together.

Usage and Permissions
fell free to use it.
This is open source, you cannot claim it as your own.
If you use any part of the mesh or textures, you must credit the people in credits.

my other mods :
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