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A remain of the past...

And if the gates of Oblivion were not completely closed? Yes the succubus lived in the planes of Oblivion, and served their masters, the Deadras. But when the doors were closed, 200 years ago, some creatures were left stranded in our world ... They are now looking for a master ... It might be you?

Hi and welcome on my mod.This my first application of Hentai Dark Lilith Sexy Succubus Armor CBBE NKTLink. It allows you to summon a sexy succubus to help you in your fight during 1 day. She can use drain spell and use whatever weapons she find.
To summon her, you have to use the Atronach Forge with 1 ruined book, 1 Black Soul gem and 1 daedra heart.

You can choose the companion file to get her as a permanent companion. You will find her somewhere in the Atronach Forge area. (try beds)

To run the mod you need ApachiiSkyHair Link
Otherwise, you game will crash. The succubus run with a CBBE body if you use an other shape, you can meet glitch.

Look for that :

She has all the bonus of fire atronach.

Minor Update
- You can now equip the succubus (companion) with the armor you want.

Update 2.0(currently version)
- The Summoning versions fixed (minors glitchs)
- Add Succubus as a companion

Update 1.1
- Alternative face
- Add Facegen data
- Voice Fixed, now she is mute

If it you first mod you have to add that line in SkyrimPrefs.ini located in My document/MyGames/Skyrim or something. Add the line in bold in [Launcher] section like this :


Then, extract the content of the archive into your data directory. Next, check “Succubus Summoning.esp” OR "SuccubusFollower.esp" in Nexus mod Manager or in Skyrim launcher.

To uninstall:
1. Start Skyrim launcher, click Data Files, .esp.
2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.

- Calientes Female Body –CBBE by Caliente

- ApachiiSkyHair

Zotman for Dark Lilith Hentai
zn00p for horns
RAN46] for the head mesh
Radioragae for the face texture and his work an the alternative face.

In-game (by Radioragae)


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Dark Lilith Sexy Succubus Armor CBBE NKT