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Chronoweaver's Coil

Current version 1.0: Adds one ring that can manipulate time!

****# DA MOD DETAILZ #*****

There are a few slow time rings up here but this is one I have been using and made myself for some time now. This one ring has several different time settings you can choose and has no blinding screen effects, so you can enjoy the view or continue filming something in slow-mo.

This Mod adds a ring into the game that allows the wearer to slow and speed up time at will! You can launch an arrow, and run right by it as it flys through space. Or you can speed up time and enjoy the world as everyone breezes by you. It is a great tool for videos and such. It is also fantastic for faffing about and watching arrows fly about at 1/100 the time scale. It is just a fun overall toy to play with.

To obtain the ring, head to Riverwood and meet a strange Orc outside the Inn.

To stop the time effects, unequip the ring or set time scale to default (you will still be slowed however, so you probably should still unequip ;) )

What it does specifically:

alters the Global Time Multiplier, slowing or speeding it at will. Can be great for videos or for screwing around.

****# Future Improvements? #*****

The menu shows up twice on the first equip. Annoying, but not problematic.


1. Download
2. Extract to Data folder
3. Check mod in launcher
4. Go to Riverwood.
5. Find orc.

****# Known Issues #*****

The menu as mentioned earlier.

On ranged kill cams your player speeds up 1000x afterwards. Just unequip ring.

****# Some examples of what is possible #*****

Spoilers in next vid