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Last updated at 20:16, 18 Mar 2012 Uploaded at 15:54, 18 Mar 2012

just a house but will grow hopefull into a complete home with upgrades and a quest to get the house

what the house has right now

war room
main house
alchemy area
blacksmith area
three merchants
two followers
some pets
weapon racks many
decoration space much
storage space plenty
display cases big and small
40+ manns
bookcases lots
dragon mask holders
and more

what i would like to do

key for the house
byeable upgrades for the house
ingot holders
ring holders
dragon claw holders
amulet holders
teleports to all the big places DB college of winter hold you no all the big places
dungeon with a boss at the end
tourture pit with prisoners training area with mini area
outside entrace with stable
guards for the outside area
and other stuff i cant remember right now

this is my first mod so there could be bugs and stuff i would like some help with the scripting on the teleports and holders if any ones intrested any help would be great


will most likely have issues with any thing that alters under the stairs in breezehome


manns used to move alot before i found this i recommend you use this with or without this mod i belive this is a problem with game if any one knows of a another fix please let me no thank you