Archery Power Balance by Lynix112
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Added: 18/03/2012 - 11:50AM
Updated: 19/03/2012 - 08:16AM

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Last updated at 8:16, 19 Mar 2012 Uploaded at 11:50, 18 Mar 2012

Basically what this mod does is make bow specs a lot more viable by increasing general Bow and Arrow damage as well as altering a few perks.

Update: 0.45

Altered skill level need to purchase most archery perks.

Added new rank to Hunters Discipline perk, rank 2 now allow recovery of all arrows that hit.

Modified Overdraw again as it was too powerful this time around, weakened it's sneak damage bonus until 40 skill where it will be back at 3 times.

Altered the way critical shot works. Now it adds 5% critical chance per level being the same by max level. Anyone who now specialises in archery will have a 5% critical shot chance at any level.

I've noticed guards are somewhat overpowered now which I will address next patch.

Update: 0.40

Changed my 'Spine Stab' perk to also include bows.

Incorporated 'Deadly Aim' into 'Overdraw' the total increase to sneak damage being 50% (three time damage) by skill level 40. This means it takes the same amount of time to get skill point wise.

Removed some damage from bows so they are now significantly weaker if you are not specialising in them.

Added new level 100 Archery perk since the old one is now in sneak tree.

New perk: Poison tip: Your arrows are now coated in a poison that will make your targets go mad and attack anyone close by to them, including their allies.

Removed perk Bullseye

Update: 0.30

Modified the Power Shot perk to now be a 3 tier perk with the values 25%,50%,75%

The perk Overdraw has been adjusted to be more powerful at lower levels, I did this because I felt the vanilla increase was too low and didn't yield any real value. This change means that the Overdraw perk now goes like this:

1/5: 40% Extra bow damage
2/5: 55% Extra Bow Damage
3/5: 70% Extra Bow Damage
4/5: 85% Extra Bow Damage
5/5: 100% Extra Bow Damage

Perk 'Deadly Aim' Removed from sneak tree, Replaced with 'Spine Stab' which is a 2%/4% chance to paralyse your target (With any weapon. More suited to daggers since this is a sneak perk)

Perk 'Bullseye' Modified to multiply sneak damage with bows by 4 times normal amount

Please comment and discuss this mod I'd like to know exactly what you guys think. Is it now too powerful? Still not strong enough?