Godlike companions Debrya and Wartyr by ShooD
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Adds new followers - Debrya and Wartyr.

Tired of cleaning the dungeon of enemies?
Then it will make the mercenaries Debrya and Wartyr.

They are in a Riverwood Sleeping Giant Inn.

This mod does not use an original system of hiring companions. So you can always hire them.
However, used the original dialogue from the quest "DialogueFollower", so there may be conflicts with mods that change the quest "DialogueFollower".

Hired companions will follow everywhere, even where conventional can not (such as Dark Brotherhood).

My scripts correct a row of problems. For example:
Followers can and will attack your horse, summons, thralls, and other temporary companions. If they are hit enough by any of these, they will become hostile. This is a common problem when escorting a temporary mage companion or with Atronachs.
Followers will also leave your service and attack you if they are damaged badly enough by rockfalls triggered by the player. Usually you can yield to them and rehire.

So, they will never attack the characters, friendly to the player under any circumstances, etc.


1) Followers have an unlimited number of the following items: gold, Soul Gems
and lockpicks.
2) They can teach the player all the skills and perks.
3) They can give the player a ring through which the player can call them at any time (The player will study two new spells, the first time you wear the ring.).
If a player wears the ring, his health may not fall below 0 (Summoner).
4) Ability to remove the player's crime level.
5) The player can marry them.


Unpack and copy the contents of the compressed ZIP file into your Skyrim game folder, into the 'Data' folder. Using the 'vanilla game launcher' tool, click on the 'Data' button and make sure there is a check mark in front of this mod. This will activate the mod in your game. Now load the game up and your now done.

If you have an older version, I recommend to do the following:
- Load up your save game and remove everything you placed in the followers inventory.
- Save your game.
- From the vanilla game start menu, disable the mod.
- Start your game up and load your last save game.
- Save your game. This is now your 'cleaned' save game. Exit the game.
- Install the new version.
- Enable the mod again using the vanilla game launcher tool.
- Load up the game and load your last save game.

Content used:

XCE - Xenius Character Enhancement by Xenius

Female Muscle Mod by Tigersan

Tribal Photoshop Brushes by redheadstock

Warglaives and Silverlight Armor 099 CBBE

Neo Outlander Armours

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