My fantasy in my PC ENB by me
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Added: 18/03/2012 - 09:25AM
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This is my config. I have configured this myself, based on Raybays ENB v1 and Superl3's Realistic Lighting.ini. Thank you for both of you.

You guys should check those two enbs out cuz they are good. Really good.

And also, I have tweaked this enb without using SSAO. If anyone wants to use SSAO, then
1. open enbseries.ini
2. go to [EFFECT]
3. and change UseAmbientOcclusion=false to true

Although, I do not recommend this because it makes the game darker.

O.K. I'm done talking now.

Raybays - for palette, effect.txt, and many more
Superl3 - for RL.ini
Boris - for an amazing ENB
the best of all Betesda - for the creation of my favorite game.