Improved and Lore friendly Artifacts by Sentariel
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Added: 18/03/2012 - 09:16AM
Updated: 18/04/2012 - 08:05AM

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Last updated at 8:05, 18 Apr 2012 Uploaded at 9:16, 18 Mar 2012

This small mod is made to improve rewards wich you get after completing Daedra's quests, some other artifact's and Dragonpriest's Masks. Also this mod changes some artifact's attributes to match (as it possible for me) their description in TES lore.
Now you won't be forced to change your favorite Dawnbraker to Daedric Sword or Volendrung to daedric warhammer just because of better damage. Daedric artifacts now are really artifacts wich are slightly better than common daedric weapons.

I've made this mod firstly for myself, but i'll be glad if it will be useful for someone else.

This mod does not affect Mephala's Ebony Blade. So i recommend to use "Ebony Blade Fixed" by Lucubration and Others ( with my mod.

Just extract LorefriendlyArtifacts.esp to ...Skyrim/Data folder, and check it in "Data files" section of your launcher
... or install it with NNM

Delete LorefriendlyArtifacts.esp from data folder.
Or deactivate and delete with NNM

This mod won't conflict with any mod, unless it changes same items/effects.

v.1.4. - Rebalanced Savior's Hide enchantment, improved Gauldur amulet enchantment, made new enchantment for Herebane's Fortress(experimental).
v.1.3. - Added Wuuthrad, Ghostblade, Staff of Arcane Authority, Saarthal Amulet. Nightingale Blade and bow now improvable with Ebony smithing perk. Fixed Targe of The Blooded description.
v.1.2. - modified Targe of The Blooded bleeding effect from 3 to 10 damage for 5 seconds
v.1.1. - Added Chillrend, Dragonbane, Gauldur BlackBlade, Gauldur BlackBow, Nightingale Blade (only fix), Nightingale Bow, Targe of Blooded
v.1.0. - release

What Artifacts this mod changes
See ReadMe for details.

If you have any suggestions or request's or found some bugs/incomabilities feel free to post them in comments.

Credits and permissions
This mod is very easy to make, so everyone can use it without permission, but i'll be glad to see my nickname in credits of mod wich is better than my.