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Imported from NV mod, power armor for space marines

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  • Russian
Mesh details fixed.

Added inventory models.

Fixed a bug that female characters have the model unchanged in FP mode.
Added a quick guide to enable multiple SMPA skins with CK.

Fixed a bug that changed the original ebony armor appearance.
Added Imperial Fist skin.

After hungry for space marine armor for several months, i decided to learn 3d and import my favorite mod into skyrim
I'm not sure my amateur 3d skill would do well in this work, so i hope more 40k MOD from 3d experts' hands. CSM, chainsword, bolter/plasma like magic staff, and, "For the Emperor!""Spacemarines charge!"... XD
NV mod link:
You can download new textures, except for Gray Knights, they have a different mesh
Praise mighty Cerberos008, praise akindain, praise every authors

i quickly mod the esp that SM PA in the game appears to be a slightly better set than daedric. With daedricsmithing perk you can forge and temper the SMPA.
Unrar the file, put esp file in data directory, so do it with mesh and texture directory. There's ultramarine and BT texture replacement for default blood ravens.
Global model isnt changed, because i havent figured out how the GND model and collision work.

It's a 3d practice for me. I'm glad to share these PA to 40K fans, and claim no copyright. Use this, and praise the original author please!

futher work:
Sorry! I have to spend a lot of time to get my dr degree, so in quite a long time i cant do more work... Wait for Modding experts!