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TES: Skyrim
LFox Bottle That Blood v1.07
Made by LFox




1. Extract the mod to the Data folder and enable it via the
launcher or mod manager.


2. Mod Load Order


This plugin should be fine anywhere in your load order.


3. Mod Description


IMPORTANT: As of 1.05+ this mod requires the Dawnguard DLC.

WARNING: If you encounter problems with custom races i suggest
using v1.04. Bethesda has not included the source script files
so i cannot edit their script to make it more compatible.

This is a standalone mod designed to work in conjunction with
any vampire mod hopefully without conflicts.

When you attempt to feed on a sleeping NPC like normal you are
given an additional option to bottle blood. Doing so will have
you take a drink and give you 3 bottles of blood. You can only
bottle blood if the victim has 80% or more health and bottling
blood drains the victims health considerably. NPC health should
naturally recover over time.

While in sneak mode when you attempt to loot dead animals you
will be given the option to bottle blood. Doing so will give
you 3 bottles of animal blood.

Upon drinking a bottle of blood the dawnguard bottle of blood
script will kick in.


4. Technical Support


A large number of people seem to be encountering problems due to
characters not being properly flagged as vampires. Sadly this is
a issue to do with how some vampire mods and custom races work.
I've already removed a condition that vampires should have but
seems to be lacking on some custom races and vampirism mods.

Please try the following before asking for help. Failing that
post in the comments or pm me and i will attempt to help you if
i can.

If the mod isn't working first open the console by pressing the
~ key on the keyboard and type in the following command.

help PlayerIsVampire

The above is a global variable used to determined if the player
is a vampire or not. If the vampire is 0 you are considered
human. If the value is 1 you are considered a vampire. My mod
checks this variable and gives or removes the necessary perks to
activate blood bottling (the perks are invisible by the way).

If you are in fact a vampire and you have all your proper skills
and abilities but the value is showing up as 0 use the command

set PlayerIsVampire to 1

The above command will flag the global variable so your
considered a vampire. Afterward wait no less than 10 seconds
for my script to run before attempting to bottle blood again.


5. Permissions


You are not allowed to use any part of this mod or its assets
in your own mod project or another without contacting me and
getting my written permission to do so.

Translating this mod into other languages does not require my
permission. You are free to do so providing you include all the
proper documentation of the readme and the credits.


6. Version History


- Added restore health to bottled blood like the dawnguard version.

- Changed the blood bottles to use the Dawnguard model.

- Updated for Dawnguard DLC. The scripting used is now the
proper Bethesda scripting from Dawnguard.

- Removed the human word on humanoid blood since it doesn't make
- Updated readme to include some information on possibly fixing

- Removed the vampire keyword condition on the bottle blood
interactions. This should hopefully help some people out who
had issues. This keyword is present on the default feed
interaction you SHOULD have it if your a vampire.

- You can now bottle blood from dead animals while in sneak mode.

- Bottling blood now gives 3 bottles of blood instead of 5 you
will also now take a drink when doing so.
- Bottling blood will now damage NPCs health and it can only be
bottled when they are at 80% or higher.

- Made the plugin