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-Author Update 16-Mar-2013-

So I've been on a long hiatus that will likely continue, I just don't have the time I used to have to work on this mod. I'm back today because I've been getting the occasional request for permission to use these armors in other mods. Please, use them without feeling the need to ask me about it first, just add a little note somewhere hidden in your description where the armor originally came from. Thanks and enjoy!

Love WARZONES - Civil Unrest but wish the Imperials and Stormcloaks didn't look so generic? This is the mod for you!

-What This Mod Does-

-8 new, stand-alone armor pieces are added to the game and 10 vanilla NPC sets are reworked, assigning them to all WARZONES spawned Imperials and Stormcloaks based on combat class: Mage/Archer/Soldier/Commander. The armor sets for each class are as follows:

-Imperial Army-
Wizard - vanilla hood, brand-new custom cuirass, vanilla bracers/boots
Scout - vanilla light imp helm, cuirass, bracers, boots
Trooper - vanilla imp heavy helm, custom chainmail cuirass, vanilla imp heavy bracers, vanilla imp heavy boots
Officer - vanilla imp officer helm, custom imp heavy cuirass with steel stats, steel bracers, steel shin-guards

-Stormcloak Army-
Mage - vanilla hood, brand-new custom cuirass, vanilla scale bracers, boots
Archer - vanilla hide helm, vanilla SC cuirass, gloves, boots
Soldier - SC helm with iron stats, brand-new custom cuirass with stats equal to imp soldier, vanilla iron gloves/boots
Commander - SC officer helm with steel stats, brand-new custom cuirass with steel stats, vanilla steel nord gloves, boots

-Each class also now carry equipment that make more sense. Scouts/Archers have bows, light shields, and daggers. Imperial Troopers have heavy Imperial shields and Imperial swords. Stormcloak Soldiers have Steel shields and retain their prior leveled weapons lists. Stormcloak Commanders have Skyforge Steel Battle Axes and Imperial Officers, for the sake of balance and symmetry, have Skyforge Steel Greatswords.

-Introducing the Stormcloak Berserker
and Imperial Skirmisher-

-Dual wielding specialists with light armor. Spawn chance set to 1/4 that of the Soldier/Trooper class. Only appear in the ImprovedSCImpUniforms - Main.esp version.


For WARZONES V3 compatibility:
If you installed the temporary V3.0 patch of ImprovedSCImpUniforms - Main.esp. delete that and reinstall V2.0

-With Warzones V3 installed, go into data folder and find WARZONES - Civil Unrest.esp
-Right click, select rename, and change the extension from .esp to .esm, ignore the warning message
-It should now read WARZONES - Civil Unrest.esm
-Make sure V2.0 of ImprovedSCImpUniforms - Main.esp is installed and loads after WARZONES - Civil Unrest.esm
-load up Skyrim and go at it

This does not actually make the WARZONES file into a master file, but it tricks my mod into thinking it is. Everything still works with WARZONES, God of WARZONES still summons etc. However, as this was made for V2E of WARZONES, the new dual wield style NPCs that MGE added in V3 will not be wearing my armor sets until I'm able to come out with a new update.

-If you do not have WARZONES at all, the prior requirements do not apply to you, see the Optionals section of Installation for more information


-Highly recommend installing via the ever useful Nexus Mod Manager


-Drop extracted Data folder into Skyrim directory

***Uninstall any previous version prior to installation***


-If you only want WARZONES NPCs affected, move the ImprovedSCImpUniforms - Main.esp file into optional folder and replace it with ImprovedSCImpUniforms - WARZONES only.esp file.

-If you want all Vanilla NPCs affected but either only have the WARZONES.esp file or don't have WARZONES at all, move the ImprovedSCImpUniforms - Main.esp file into optional folder and replace it with ImprovedSCImpUniforms - Vanilla only.esp file.
(Note, Imperial Skirmishers and Stormcloak Berserkers will not spawn with this version)

-If you don't want any NPCs gear to be replaced, but you do want access to the armor sets, move the ImprovedSCImpUniforms - Main.esp file into optional folder and replace it with ImprovedSCImpUniforms - Armor Base.esp file.


-Via Nexus Mod Manager


-Delete SCImpUniformWARZONES.esp (or variant) file from Data folder and delete all new folders from meshes and textures folders


-Always uninstall the previous version before updating. This will ensure that any changes I make to meshes/textures or the .esp file will not be mixed in with the old and will additionally provide a smoother install.


-Obviously fully compatible with WARZONES.

-Any mods that change the *outfits* of NPCs will not be compatible. However, mods that are armor replacers for vanilla armor sets will still work, but may no longer display on the NPCs.

-For Cloaks of Skyrim and Winter is Coming - Cloaks compatability, use the following load order:


All NPCs will be able to have their cloaks, except for the Stormcloaks and Imperials who will all have the armor sets I assigned them.

-Change Log-
-V3.0 - File does not work, removed from download list
-uploaded temporary .esp file for WARZONES V3A Compatibility. Full V3 update coming dependent on my internet availability.
-Expanded NPC outfit replacement to all Vanilla Imperial and Stormcloak NPCs
-added 3 optional .esp files in optionals-ImprovedSCImpUniform folder for increased customization options
--Main.esp is default option and replaces the armor sets for all SC and IMP NPCs, Vanilla and WARZONES.
--Armor Base.esp includes only the armor sets and smithing recipes, no NPCs will wear armor by default
-- Vanilla only.esp Is for those who either don't have WARZONES, or have the .esp version of WARZONES. All vanilla NPCs will wear the new sets, but Imperial Skirmishers and Stormcloak Berserkser will not spawn.
-- WARZONES only.esp is essentially the same as V1.2, only WARZONES NPCs are affected.

- Added Stormcloak Berserker and Imperial Skirmisher classes. These are dual-wield specialist with light armor with a spawn chance 1/4 that of the soldier/trooper class. Armor sets have both male/female variants, are craftable, fully-upgradable, and should work with perk points
- Remade the .esp file for faster updating when new versions of WARZONES are released
- All vanilla armor pieces now retain vanilla stats, any armor piece added to an outfit whose stats were changed is now a stand-alone piece.
- textures better compressed with correct mipmap usage

- Made all new armor pieces playable and added smithing and tempering recipes for all new pieces
- Made Imperial Officer Armor and Imperial Trooper Armor completely standalone to eliminate almost all armor mod compatibility issues
- Gave Imperial Army new titles (Wizard/Scout/Trooper/Officer) to differentiate with Stormcloak Army (Mage/Archer/Soldier/Commander)

-Future Plans-

-NMM scripted installer for error-free installation

-Imperial Praetorian and Stormcloak Battle-Mage

-Make all new armor sets fully integrated (female sets, fix any clipping, etc).

-Add optional low-res texture set for those with slower PCs

-Better tweaking of vanilla NPCs to take into account encounter circumstances, ie: fort spawn, city guards, etc.

-Known Glitches/Issues-

-The first time you load up the game with this mod, some NPCs will randomly receive double equipment and decide to wear neither, making their torso naked. This has only happened for me once, and it affected every fourth Stormcloak. Since then I have never seen it happen, and others have reported that it resolved itself for them as well.


-MyGoodEye - for his excellent mod WARZONES - Civil Unrest, all the help and advice he gave me as I created this mod, and for the amazing splash graphic at the top of this page!
-PROMETHEUS_ts - for letting me use his Imperial Trooper Chainmail and Imperial Winter Heavy Armor
-rahman530 for the use of his Barbarian armor from his Lore Friendly Armor Pack
-Backsteppo for the female cloak from Dragon Quest 3 Sage Outfit
-Zenl for the male cloak from Berserk Black Swordsman Armor
-Nikinoodles for the Stormcloak Blue textures from Cloaks of Skyrim
-The NifSkope team

The comment section is working now! Any suggestions, advice, bug reports, etc. are always welcome. Please endorse if you like what I'm doing!

Be sure to check out my other mod: Heroic Stormcloak Armor