The Ashen Beauty - Valkyria Dragonborne -Tifa like char by xp32
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Companion mod available for download here:

You may say why I uploading "crap" like this.. But I dont think this is crap [IMO it's good and it's just that we have different taste]. The proof is.... someone PM me and want my saved character. Since it's easier to upload it in nexusmod, why I should upload to another sites?

BTW, Feel free to give comments. I like to read your comments lol/

She's start at Lv 3 and happened stopped at Warmaiden in Whiterun.

- XCE - Xenius Character Enhancement
- XCE - Xenius detailed Lips
- XCE -No more Blocky face
- Ashen - oriental beauty race
- Oriental beauty Women and Man mod
- Eyebrows Match Hair - closer match v 1_1
- ApachiiSkyHair

- Pretty Idle female by dualsun
- Depth of field enchancer mod Dynavision
- Tifa Clothes

- extract it to your document [My Document where your saved game placed]
- What inside the files? "My Games\Skyrim\Saves\Save 38 - Valkyria Dragonborne Warmaiden's 03.40.51.ess"

Note : I re-scale my character to 1.05-1.1 since Ashen race is smaller