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morph-tri files

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RANs CharGen Morph 0.49a
This file contains [Tweaked FaceMenu] and [RANs HeadMesh Variants].
NoseWidth-morph taking over JawForWard-Slider.
And customized race-morph, chargen-morph and new face-parts.
This MOD is only for Human-ladies.
!!!!use vanilla headmesh only!!!!
If [Data\meshes\actors\character\character assets\] has [FemaleHead.nif], please backup it and delete it.

- history -
Alpha 0.1
first version
Alpha 0.2
modified morph-target of CheeksIn-morph
Alpha 0.21
modified morph-target of EyesDown-morph to more
Alpha 0.3
added Brows-morph
adjusted face-line of YgNord
Alpha 0.4
added LipType29
added EyesType29 (larger EyesType1
added NoseType7 ( narrower NoseType1
bug fix
adjuted Nord faceline
Alpha 0.41
added EyesType30
modified LipType29
modified NoseType4
modified NoseType6
modified NoseType9
Alpha 0.42
fixed EyesType30
modified NoseType14
added NoseType32
Alpha 0.43
added NoseType31
added NoseType34
added NoseType35
Alpha 0.44
added EyesType31
Alpha 0.45
Modified EyesType1 (Moved down
Modified EyesType3 (Moved down
Modified EyesType4 (Moved down
Modified EyesType5 (Moved down
Modified EyesType9 (Moved down
Modified EyesType10 (Moved down
Modified EyesType11 (Moved down
Modified EyesType12 (Moved down
Modified EyesType13 (Moved down
Modified EyesType14 (Moved down
Modified EyesType15 (Moved down
Modified EyesType16 (Moved down
Modified EyesType17 (Moved down
Modified EyesType18 (Moved down
Modified EyesType19 (Moved down
Modified EyesType20 (Moved down
added LipType31
Alpha 0.46
added LipType35
added LipType36
Alpha 0.47
fixed EyesType30
[NoseWidth morph] taking over [JawForWard-Back Slider].
Alpha 0.48
added LipType37
added LipType38
added NoseType40
Modified JawBack(for Nose Width-Narrow) Morph
Alpha 0.49
added NoseType41
added NoseType42

ECE0.81 (

1. Install ECE0.81
2. copy & overwrite your data folder

- customized faceparts list -
EyesType1 modified(Moved down
EyesType2 modified
EyesType3 modified(Moved down
EyesType4 modified(Moved down
EyesType5 modified(Moved down
EyesType9 modified(Moved down
EyesType10 modified(Moved down
EyesType11 modified(Moved down
EyesType12 modified(Moved down
EyesType13 modified(Moved down
EyesType14 modified(Moved down
EyesType15 modified(Moved down
EyesType16 modified(Moved down
EyesType17 modified(Moved down
EyesType18 modified(Moved down
EyesType19 modified(Moved down
EyesType20 modified(Moved down
EyesType29 added (Larger EyesType1
EyesType30 added
EyesType31 added
EyesType32 added by tktk
EyesType33 added by tktk(Narrower EyesType1
EyesType34 added by tktk
EyesType35 added by tktk
EyesType36 added by tktk
LipType1 modified
LipType2 modified
LipType3 modified
LipType4 modified
LipType5 modified
LipType6 modified
LipType9 modified
LipType10 modified (
LipType13 modified
LipType15 modified
LipType29 added new lips
LipType30 added new lips
LipType31 added new lips
LipType32 added by tktk
LipType33 added by tktk
LipType34 added by tktk
LipType35 added
LipType36 added
LipType37 added
LipType38 added
NoseType1 modified
NoseType2 modified
NoseType3 modified
NoseType4 modified
NoseType6 modified
NoseType7 added(Narrower NoseType1
NoseType8 modified
NoseType9 modified
NoseType14 modified
NoseType31 added (Narrower NoseType7
NoseType32 added
NoseType33 added by tktk(Lower NoseType31
NoseType34 added
NoseType35 added
NoseType36 added by tktk
NoseType37 added by tktk
NoseType38 added by tktk
NoseType39 added by tktk(Lower NoseType33
NoseType40 added
NoseType41 added
NoseType42 added

You can't distribute modification of my tri-files.
When my name[RAN46] and [tktk] are written in your "readme",you can include this into your file at SKYRIMNEXUS,for TES5.