NPC Overhaul Hadvar Faendal Benor by Harodath
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Added: 14/03/2012 - 05:38PM
Updated: 03/04/2012 - 03:04AM

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Last updated at 3:04, 3 Apr 2012 Uploaded at 17:38, 14 Mar 2012

UPDATE 1.2: Faendals, Hadvars and Benors faces should be fixed now.

So, well - Hadvar from the Imperials looks in my opinion to .. beaten.

Faendal (Bosmer in Riverwood) a bit too old for his voice and the competition with Sven because of this woman.

And well - Benor (Follower in Morthal), what should I say.. I prefer (even though I am one) men, that definatly don't look like him, whenever he's very friendly.

Few changes:

Steel Battleaxe, Steel Armor instead of Iron


To make them exactly look like my version, "Natural Eyes" by nevenbridge; "Better Males" by Chris57 and Favored Soul.


When you enter the game and the eyes may look scary and misrepresented, try to open the console with ^ and click the NPC, now the ID should show up. Type "disable" (then enter) and WITHOUT CLICKING ANY OTHER THING (otherwise the ID is lost and the will stay away until they respawns after.. 3 days?) type "enable" (and enter again). Now the NPC should appear again and the eyes will look normal.

I think this problem only apears, when you activate the mod, while you are in the same room. Still save before using any mod is the smartest way to get sure a replacer won't do something strange.


Maven, Brynjolf, Delvin and Dirge can be found here (Added: Farkas & Vilkas) NPC Overhaul N°2