Pseudo-Class Selection a la Oblivion by TheLonelyGod
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Added: 24/11/2011 - 04:49AM
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UPDATE: I've uploaded the Warrior archetype! Enjoy your skullcracking/fencing!
UPDATE 2: Rogue archetype is up. Have a stabby holiday.

Hello! I've taken some time to concoct a rather long batch file for you all. This one is meant to be used right after Hadvar/Ralof cuts your bindings (i.e. the first time you can do anything but move). It attempts to mimic the class specialization functionality present in previous Elder Scrolls games but absent in Skyrim by, among other things, raising some stats and lowering others, granting a few starter spells, a few starter perks, adding one of the 3 basic standing stone abilities right away (The Warrior, The Mage, or The Thief, +20% experience in combat/magic/stealth abilities respectively), etc. It's all much more comprehensively explained in the comments I've placed in the files themselves, but suffice it to say, you shouldn't feel as though you're a jack of all trades, stretched too thin anymore.

At the moment, only the Mage and Warrior batch files are complete, but over the next few days I'll get around to making one for the Rogue archetype.

To install, as with any batch file:

1. Download the file desired class' file (obviously)
2. Copy the file to your Skyrim base folder (the one with TESV.exe in it)
3. Launch the game
4. Start a new game. Reach the part of the intro where you can cast stuff/loot bodies/etc.
5. Press the tilde key (~)
6. If you're archetype is "Mage", type "bat MageClass"; Warriors type "bat WarriorClass".
7. Enjoy!