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Perky will change all of the perk constellations into perk trees, keeping original perks and adding much more!

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Perky changes all of the perk constellations into perk trees, keeping original perks and adding much more!

See screenshots below to see what Perky did to current skill trees! Also comment to report bugs, suggest perks for any of the trees, or to just tell me how much you love or despise this mod!

Covered Perk Trees*:
Heavy Armor
Light Armor
One Handed
Two Handed

*Screenshots taken at early builds of the mod, and may not represent current build

For speech, you'll notice that shouts don't increase the speech skill, so I highly recommend this mod: Shout Combat and Skill System by Eldiran

Edit the .ini that comes with it (shoutCombat.ini) and make sure speechIncrementRate=5 and everything else is set to 0. This will allow you to shout, gain speech levels, then invest into shout perks!

~Known Bugs~
Life Essence perk in Enchanting tree will only regenerate item charges if you charge the weapon with a soul gem and don't unequip that weapon or move it from one hand to the other (if the weapon is unequipped then reequipped or moved to another hand you will need to charge it again with a soul gem to start the regen again) Looking for a fix.

1.0 - official release
1.01 - Fixed an issue with Despise Arcane and Tenacious being swapped in the Two-Handed tree
1.02 - Fixed an error with mobs and players attacking ultra slow
1.03 - Added new perks and balanced a few others

Q) Is this mod compatible with existing saves?
A) Not really, to ensure you have no problems create a new character

Q) Will this mod make the game easier since it adds more perks?
A) No, this mod only adds more perks, it doesn't let you get more perk points, this means you'll end up with a 'character build' instead of achieving every perk possible. In fact, this mod nerfs a few existing overpowered perks, so it's very possible that this mod makes the game harder.

Q) This mod sucks.
A) That's not a question.

Q) This mod sucks?
A) Fuck you.

Q) Can I translate this mod into my language?
A) I don't care, do whatever you want with this mod, I consider it entirely open source, if you modify it and rerelease it just give me credit.

Q) A perk is overpowered/underpowered/broken, what do I do?
A) Post in the comments and I'll try and get a fix in the next patch

Q) Will you release a modular version?
A) Eventually, it's a hard task and could seriously break the mod

Q) Why do some of the screenshots show perks that don't exist?
A) Some perks were removed or changed in Alpha and Beta versions for one reason or another. If I really liked the perk though I'll continue finding out how to make it work properly.

I suggest you use my other mod Improved Poisons, this will help balance possible poison builds.

Also be wary of crafting mods since this mod changes a lot about the smithing tree. There would only be minor compatibility issues (ie: Unlocking mod weapons by putting points into the armor schematic perks)

Thanks to powerclick for lending me perks from his perk mod "SPE"
Thanks to Crimsonking158758, Pzychotix, and GoodModSearcher for constant support, feedback, and testing