Woodside by TheClone
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Added: 13/03/2012 - 11:23PM
Updated: 04/04/2012 - 04:06AM

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Last updated at 4:06, 4 Apr 2012 Uploaded at 23:23, 13 Mar 2012

New Woodside... (some items in video are added and some are moved. I already moved in.)

New in 0.9

House has been now divided between 3 rooms.
If you have older version, pack up your old items before updating, new version has many changes.

Another entry to my "There will be bugs" series! Download at your own risk!

Warning - This mod will conflict with any mods changing anything in location where this house stands. (See first screenshot, its next to entrance to Riverwood)

This mod in its current form is in no way fair and balanced.

- Adds player house next to entrance to Riverwood. This small house features alot of storage space (especialy bookspace), mannequin, some weapon racks, Alchemy station and Enchanting station.
- Adds Smelter next to this house. Forge is just few steps inside Riverwood.
- Sizeable porch that will be most likely updated in the future.
- Most likely a number of bugs that may be fixed in the future. Remember, this is a feature.

I made this mod for myself first, few people that can be made slightly happy is a bonus for me.
I do not really care if this file gets to be popular - No endorsement is necessary.
I have no illusions about level of my modding ability. Stating any facts about it is not required.

Feel free to use and/or modify this mod, if you upload in your own mod just list me in credits.


Found a bug? Here are helpful step by step instructions how to help me get it fixed (if you cant fix it yourself).
1 - Yell at me in the comments section
2 - ???*
3 - profit

*may or may not happen