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Updated version uploaded - please delete v0.4 it was incomplete!

BETA - Use at your own peril - and then give good feedback :D (make sure you keep a save)

Weapons break after some use, on BEING hit, not you hitting - this affects NPCs and Player.

NPC's will drop their weapon, player will just unequip - and have a flag set to prevent you from re-equipping.

Unfortunately this 'no re-equip' flag is currently totally ignored so you can just go back into your inventory and re-equip.
Thus, this is mostly just a proof of concept. I will try to add a better break/repair mechanism
This is only capable of tracking 128 types of item due to a limitation of Papyrus that I didn't want to code around (because it would then be inefficient) - I am working on making this limit apply per character, rather than globally, which should alleviate the issue.

Kudos to kuertee for his discussion on my thread here
Kudos to Borgut1337 for this thread