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A 20% thinner compass, while maintaining the original length and aspect ratio. Uses manually resized artwork, as well as Flash \"Scale\" commands.

Permissions and credits

Current Version 1.3

I found the default compass sizing to be rather large, so I decided to scale it down, but maintain the same length as Vanilla.

I manually resized all the HUD elements of the compass to 120% of their original length, and then scaled the whole shebang down 20% on both the X and Y axis. Now we have a smaller compass, but with the same viewing area.

*** NEWS ***
After an extended wait, I have finally removed the disappearing HUD while riding on a horse. Thank you for your patience!

A Note about Compatibility:
As far as I know, this mod should work with any mod that doesn't provide its own version of "hudmenu.gfx". I know Gopher's iHud uses the script extender and does not modify the HUD at all, and such is safe to use with this mod. I believe SkyUI is the same, but I have not tested it myself.

Installation with NMM:
Activate the mod, and enjoy!

Manual Installation:
Copy "Interface\exported\hudmenu.gfx" from the 7zip to your "Data\Interface\exported" directory. You'll most likely need to create the "exported" directory.

Version 1.3:

Look ma! I have a compass!

Version 1.2:
- Back to a standard version, as the iHud specific one is no longer necessary.
*** Please Note: ***
This version still has the disappearing HUD bug while on horseback. I'm currently working on a fix.

Version 1.1:
- Added iHud support!
- Now with NMM installer

Version 1.0:
- Initial release, after many frustrating Flash, SWiX, Illustrator, SoThink, and XVI sessions

Thanks and Credits:
- Gopher, for allowing me to edit his .swf file for iHud compatibility, as well as his coding advice. Check out his Immersive HUD mod.
- Orava for publishing his SWF and GFX Guide. This is what got me started.
- Everyone who tries it out, comments, endorses, or even just thinks about it at dinner - I appreciate it!