About this mod

It adds a new faction and its headquarters. New npcs, armors, quests, items and more included.

Permissions and credits

This mod provides new joinable guild - Blackwood Company. Join, fulfill new quest line, meet new people, gain profits.

Advantages to Joining:
Access to:
-general goods merchant (can buy stolen items if perk Fence is unlocked; has over 14 000 gold) and blacksmith vendor
-special arrows rack
-Hist Saps
-rewards from tasks
-and more resources of Blackwood HQ

*Update 2.0:*
*12 fully-functional quests added
*many new improvements and addons

*Update 1.04:*
*new npces and more sandboxes
*new locations (two hidden interiors in Hall - I encourage to find them - and exterior extended)
*new items (inter alia Adamantium Ingot) and Hall furnishings
*armors and shield can be fully tempered and crafted
*two Blackwood teams across Tamriel (not bothering traveling members)
*if you commit crime against Blackwood Company, you may be arrested by An-Zav (new crime faction not affect to Whiterun crime faction)
*many new details and improvements

*Update 1.03:*
*added Hist Chamber with new three npcs
*added new potions and ingrediens
*new heavy armor included
*amendment of npcs - they are quite hard opponents if you want to fight with them

*Update 1.02:*
*every navmesh detail fixed
*added new room with two npcs
*minor corrections and addons
*Blackwood armor is not retexture now. This is separate armor

*Update 1.01:*
*navmesh updated
*fixed some furnitures
*added gridstone and new npc

Version 2.0 requires both Dawnguard and Dragonborn; latest patch ( is also necessary
Version 1.04 requires Dawnguard (only .bsa archive to be specific)

put it into X:\...\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim

~~remember to delete everything from previous version~~
~~remember to make backup before installation~~


There could be some rather minor incompatibilities with mods which edit locations:

Clearspring Cave
Brittleshin Pass
some exteriors (-39,23);(poitundra09):(39,-31);(-25,32);(26,40)
Stalhrim source on Solstheim (DLC2StalhrimSource01)


I spent three months to make this as bug-free as possible. But if you stuck somewhere, let me know.

~~Special Credits:~~

I want to thank
*Nikinoodles, Zenl and Backsteppo for Cloaks of Skyrim
*Killer Keo for Killer Keos Skimpy CBBE V2-V3 Armor Replacer -Work In Progress- (ebony armor remesh)


1) How can I join Blackwood Company?
A: Find Blackwood Headquarters in Whiterun and talk to An-zav.

2) On which level should I be to perform quests?
A: First quests should be easy. Enemies level with player (up to 100 level), it's hard to set optimal caps, but it should make a challenge. Last boss is extremely difficult.

3) Is this fully voiced?
A: Alas is not. But if you find a plethora of professional voice actors and actress, let me know. Half-measures will severely spoil effect.

4) Is this affect to vanilla quests?
A: It is not. It should always be compatible with vanilla quests, even Battle for Whiterun.

5) I have modified Whiterun...
A: It is possible that your mod change/add something in the area where BC hall is placed. But except overlaping there shouldn't be any greater issue. If you like, you can modify arrangements for yourself in one or both plugins.