Real Fire Arrows by Silverfeetz
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Added: 11/03/2012 - 10:35PM
Updated: 12/03/2012 - 10:14AM

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Last updated at 10:14, 12 Mar 2012 Uploaded at 22:35, 11 Mar 2012

Sorry guys, the first version I stuck up on here just as I went to bed and it was a bit of a sloppy release. I am quickly fixing the texture problem (Just a case of renaming the folder Fire Arrows in your /textures/weapons directory to "Fire Arrow")

Also, based on the comments I have recived (thank you guys!) in the next release I will have the option of exploding and non exploding arrows to suit your play style.

I recommend reinstalling completly with version two - It will overright all the errors from Version 1. :)

Changes in Version 2 -
Textured Arrows and Quivers
A choice between exploding and non exploding arrows

Known Bugs -
Non exploding arrows will stick in an object and burn, then the fire effect will freeze up when the player moves. It can be imersion breaking. Fire another arrow and they will burn again.

The quiver is displayed upside down in the inventory.

Thanks -
ttl269 on the Nifskope forums for helping me understand the Nif format!


Real burning fire arrows with visible flames on the end, lights up when you fire it! Fire it at night and watch it burn through the sky and then explode on impact!

Purchase them in the Riverwood Trader