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Hello there guys and girls, welcome to Egruel's Magic part 1!

To start this mod you will need to go to the Drunken Huntsman. Once you are there you will find a book and a key on a table where the vendor/salesman sells his goods, take both and read the book, you are on your way to your journey.

Egruel Fien is a unique mage, a wood elf not really accepted by his brothers and sisters. He is probably dead when you find the book as he scheduled the book to be sent to skyrim around 150 years later after he wrote it.

These spells range from summoning a chicken the a huge fire explosion to summoning a giant.

Spell List:
Conjure Chicken
Streams of Ice Spikes
Egruel's Arrows
Steam Spray
Blerrasm ( Lets you cast destruction spells with no cost for 10 seconds )
Ignition ( Fire Explosion )
Icy Thrust ( Push Back and Frost damage )
Shock Fu ( Lightning that looks like it came from the skies in your hands )
Conjure Hagraven
Iced Bodies ( Freezes people within a distance of where you hit the spell at )
Cooling Blast ( Blast of cold )
Conjure Giant
Conjure ??? ( This is a surprise, you will see ;) )

Known Bugs:
With the spell "Egruel's Arrows", when you pick up an arrow created from the spell, you will get a CTD, As far as I know there is no fix for this so you just shouldn't pick up the arrows.

Well, go and have fun! Please endorse if you like this mod!