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This is my mod from the Steam Workship:
But I wanna support the Nexus, as I've been using it for a few years now. :D

This is my attempt at making mining a viable source of material, as I found myself buying ingots rather than making them.
This incorporates the smithing skill into mining - the better you are at smithing, the better you are at mining.

********************************CONCERNING COMPATIBILITY WITH OTHER MODS*********************************
The main changes of this mod are in the MineOreScript - that means it changes mining directly and is EXTREMELY mod-friendly. There are not many mods that change MineOreScript, especially to this extent. If they do, they will specifically say 'does such and such to mining', in which case it would cause a conflict.
If you're using crafting mods, Glowing Ore Veins, more mining locations, etc - it WILL be compatible.
In short - if the mod only uses a .esp file and does not add a data/scripts/(whatever directory path)MineOreScript - YOU'RE GOOD TO GO

Mod Features:
*Upon reaching 40 smithing is when mining starts to improve. You gain +1 ore mined for every 10 points of smithing, so at 50 you mine 5, 60 you mine 6, etc. Below 40 skill is the default of 3 ore mined.

*I made sure to also change the speed/length of mining itself, so at 100 skill, you don't keep going and going and going for a minute or more. It should all be roughly the same length, and hopefully the change isn't too noticeable.

*Should be 100% compatible with mods that add more mining locations, as I was able to keep the changes confined to the script itself. If a mod has its own mining script, there will obviously be conflicts.

*Attacking ore deposits rather than activating them COMPLETELY WORKS - you DO gain the benefits of the mod.

Minor change:
Reduced leather weight by half

*As requested/suggested by DJ - option for mass ingot smelting to accompany the increase in ore gathering. There are now smelting increments of 5, 10, 20.

Don't activate the mod if your save is inside a mine or a cave that has ore deposits, it's best to save inside town or a house to make sure it works properly.

Known issues:
The only thing I noticed is that the first time you mine with 50 skill, you *might* get 6 ore the first time, and then 5 again later. Not sure why it does that.
Other than that, everything works that I know of.

Please rate/fav/comment, I'd like to know my effort wasn't wasted. :P