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There are three different types of drakes,Frost Drake who can freeze your enemys! Umm Fire Drake who can disarm your enemys and Storm Drake who can use storm call. These are only their specials they have other attacks aswell.The spelltomes can be found inside the RiverWood Trader on the top floor, on a table beside the bed on the left. They should be easy to find. They cost 484 magicka to cast.
The Drakes dont work well in small inclosed places, such as the Riverwood Trader, just a heads up.
I have added four new drakes a Shadow Drake, Acid Drake, Undead Drake and Spectral Drake

In the update all drakes are FLIGHTLESS I'm sick and tired of them flying away slow motion and all and I'm sure you are too! Also they are a lower level (1) still extremely powerful jut a bit weaker, and they are more help full in combat! I have added new and more compatible spells to their spell lists.

Adds a new group of four new ghostly drakes. First the Eternal Drake, appears in a ghostly purpe and shock cloak. Second is the Icy Drake more cold a feirce than the frost drake. Now here is the Inferno Drake almost invisible except with the flames and the outline of the blaze surrounding its body. But finally last but not least, the Elemental Drake! Has the power of all elements(Fire,Frost) while covered in a ghostly cloak of frost, fire and shock! The books are located upstairs of the Riverwood Trader on the dining table.

The main file now improves drakes in combat so they attack more often and you must have the old file otherwise nothing will work. Well i hope you like it! Endorse, download and comment! You are welcome to give me feed back and advice, along with ideas. Thank you!

-New Drakes
-Master Drake Summon Spells(Summon with one hand lasts 60 secs, serpate from permanit spells)
-Staves for conjuring drakes
-Drake followers
-Drake Merchant