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Added: 11/03/2012 - 06:06PM
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Last updated at 11:34, 15 Jul 2012 Uploaded at 18:06, 11 Mar 2012

These settings were based upon several other great ENB mods that I have downloaded and tweaked to fit my liking.

To install, put the contents of the folder into the root folder of the game directory (where TESV.exe is located),
e.g.: 'C:\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim'

To turn on SSAO, go into your 'skyrimprefs.ini' file and change the 'bFloatPointRenderTarget=0' to 'bFloatPointRenderTarget=1'
To turn off SSAO, go into your 'skyrimprefs.ini' file and change the 'bFloatPointRenderTarget=1' to 'bFloatPointRenderTarget=0'

Based upon 'Stakado Realistic ENB 2.3' and RayBay's ENB Settings, as well as a mix-n-match of many other ENB/Injector/SSAO/graphical overhaul mods.

Please note, the file was added by request after I'd been uploading some screenshots using my settings. As such, the files included _should_ be all those necessary for the settings to work. I'm not exactly experienced with modding Skyrim, and only got my results through trial-and-error. Due to this, there may be files missing (doubtful), or extra files included that are not required (likely). Install at your own risk :P

Version History:
v1.0: Initial Release
v1.01: Optional file with tweaked brightness. Please post in the comments if you prefer these settings and/or how they can be improved, and I'll package up a v1.1 as one file.
v1.02: Updated for better compatibility with newer ENB binaries (tested with v.112 but should work fine with v.113).